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Spiritual Links

On this page we will provide links to various resources. We may include topics and articles that will further your faith, educate you on important issues, or provide a little entertainment.

Searcher Foundation List

Alpha Group - Bluelight Consulting

SFCC - Searcher Foundation Communications Center

SFIU - Searcher Foundation Internet University Web Site.

SPUH - Searcher Publishing Haus

SPCP - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to People -


AOCC Chat link.


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Here are links to religious organizations:

Baptist Resources Site

Methodist Information

Knights of Columbus

Time to be controversial again - my specialty. A question: If we love God with all our hearts, and minds; and our soul?

Can we be able to love others? Yes, as long as we remember - God loves us spiritually, not physically. We tend to confuse them. Physically, we are supposed to cleave only unto that one who loves us, that He sent us. In Holy Matrimony. How do we know? Love Him. You'll know.

Theosophical Society and books.

Aramaic Studies Circle - Dr. Neal Douglas-Klotz

Temple of Dawn in Bangkok

Here is a link to a site about prayers, and others we love; and some we have a hard time with. All is in His sight - Good. We're still learning.

World Prayers

Unity World HQ

Universal Life Church - ULC

Project Bluelight

I know you're afraid, little one. It's hard being a child of the Father - God. There aren't too many sanctuaries dedicated to helping us, so keep your head up high. We'll be there soon. Please, don't cry.

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