The Apostles of Christ Church - Church Without Walls.

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Christ at Gethsemane

Christ at the Garden of Gethsemane

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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce ourselves and highlight important areas on our site, and attempt to explain any teachings or labels we might introduce.

Church without walls is a concept particulary germane to the Internet. Here, all of us may be totally ecumenical and present issues which boards do not necessarily have to approve. Since this is a one man band right now, I will try my best to give you the Love of Christ without dissenting opinions.

Too often, in my short career as a Teacher/Minister of God; I have seen churchs divided by artificial walls which began as a simple misunderstanding, and resulted in a split of the church. Through the history of organized churchs, this fact is apparent. Therefore, for this nearly pioneering effort, I have decided to return to the teachings Christ gave His Disciples and Apostles, without dogma nor theology to stand in the way of His Love.

Let me clarify, this is not judgment. We are all prone to error, myself included. In the end, which everyone on the right knows is coming soon; let's return to the basics; and see how well it works for you. Perhaps we could make it an alpha, the beginning. If so, let Genesis resume. :-)

Are you saved?

If you are not, please take Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Do it now:

Confessing to God that I am a sinner, and believing that the Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins on the cross and was raised for my justification, I do now receive and confess Him as my personal Saviour.

May He and God with the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and keep you forever.


This is perhaps one of the greatest mystery stories ever told: What happened to the lessons Jesus gave his Apostles?

Most historians have assumed them to be of oral tradition, and were lost during the Judean/Roman 'insurrection' of 70 CE.

Until - an investigator made a casual comment: "Since they knew the Romans were coming, why didn't they simply send everything valuable out of the country?" The investigative team from the private foundation looked around the circle at one another, and together - nodded - then cheered quietly in their hearts. A little constructive thinking was severely needed, and now they had a direction. Months had been lost digging through old records. The scrolls simply were not there, not in private collections; not in museums, not in in the bane of the profession - thieves and traders who would sell anything for a price.

Surprisingly, they had a hint from The Holy See of the East - after a recent upheavel in that area, some Monks had sent a very valuable Bible out of the country to a private foundation. The Bible was in pristine condition - Lambs wool covering a white vellum interior. Not a mark on it anywhere. The real miracle - it was written in Aramaic - the language Christ spoke every day.

I am waiting for this one with much anticipation. I trust you are as well.

So, join us please in our exploration of the language Jesus is said to have spoken in everyday conversation. For the first time perhaps, we will read and hear his teachings in the language in which he spoke. I can think of no possibility more exciting for a Biblical Scholar, or most anyone who loves Christ. Here. Sit down. You are welcome.

Controversial. Perhaps. Those who know Christ worship and love him in the spirit of His love for us. A few others may not, but "they are few in number; and that number will be reduced".

I believe Mary Magdalen - Miriam of Mijdla - said that in her journal. We will see.

The real problem is simply the age of the material. New findings are happening all the time, but it is near impossible to verify some of it, scholastically; historically. It is said only the truth via the Holy Spirit of God will testify to us in our hearts; which is true; and what is not.

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We are honored you are visiting our web site. Being a spiritual organization, we are always striving to find new ways to get our message out to current and prospective members. This web site allows us to reach people we may never have been able to contact before.

Please use this site to access the information you need about the Church and as a resource for broadening your faith, and your love for Christ, Father God and one another. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.

Please sign our guestbook to offer comments, announcements and special events. Send us pictures.

Gold Figurine

Beautiful, Isn't it? Let's have a contest - What is it? Sumerian or Etruscan or neither? Winner gets one course free at SFIU. This could be a very high value item. That is one course for one year.

SFIU - Searcher Foundation Internet University - Ministers, Teachers, Administrators.

Worship Schedule

Everyday Prayers and Meditations

7:00am - 8:00am
12Noon - 1:00pm
6:00pm - 7:00pm

or as posted here; and in your own heart.

Picture of church; Actual size=130 pixels wide

This is one example of what I have in mind. How about a picture of a little chapel, surrounded by pine trees? Does anyone know where I might get one of those? I remember seeing one once. Oh, I forgot. She has it. She changed her mind. How could I forget. It's OK, sweetheart. You keep the pictures. I'll remember them forever, in my heart.

Your comments and desires for subject content are very important to me. I vow to read each one. Rev. James

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