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Meet the Staff

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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce the Pastor and Key Staff Members.

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Rev. James L. Fabert, DD, PhD [Hon.]
Dr. Fabert is a Universalist by Ordainment, with a solid
background in teaching the lessons of Christ. As a Missionary, he has traveled most western states of the United States; and has also lived and traveled in Europe.

He is the Founder of SFIU - Searcher Foundation Internet University, a school for those coming to Christ from the New Age, and others wishing to live the life Christ proscribed for them. He ordains Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students there.

Dr. Fabert is involved in numerous Ministries on the Internet, including SPCP - The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to People.

He also conducts seminars for those in relationship difficulties with The Intimate Divine Relationship.

Before Ordainment in 1995, Dr. Fabert was President of The Alpha Group, Consultants; who specialized in small business start-ups. Hopefully, God willing; that experience will be of benefit in our funding exercise - Apostle Marketing. Pray for us.

I could sure use a friend to provide the female perspective. I know I'm not a hunk, ladies. I quit trying a long time ago. Anytime you're lonely, let's talk. We can do that together without someone calling us on it, I hope. I've been told I tell a good story ever' now and then.

Employment Bulletin -

I'm not sure what this place needs more: A partner, secretary or wife? Either way, they must share an equal load, shoulder to shoulder. Don't judge it, just accept it.
If this person can take some of the load off, I can spend more time raising funds for the Church, but I can't seem to do both. There is not enough time in the day.

1. A solid marketing background.
2. Must be personable with both men and women and must be able to work closely with me at all times.
3. They must be trustworthy.
4. They must be able to demonstrate the values of Christ, for our Church, and all others.
5. They must have a good personal reputation.
6. They must dress as befits a lady or gentleman in the Church.
7. They must love God, and their spouse; against all others.
8. They must be saved.
9. In my prayers, this lady would be my lawfully wedded wife, under God. Amen.

Feel free to come by and meet us, wherever we are.

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