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The map below will provide you detailed directions to our old location. I'm waiting for a new home. Email me first, else I won't be there.


Christ on the mount - at Gethsemane.

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For A. - Why do I love you?

You and I went to bed
angry last night.

We were tired.
Our love so young.

I needed to know you
To love you more.

You only needed to sleep.

So, I found a new way
to love you, as I
promised I would.

You see, if your loved
one cannot accept your love
The chair becomes more than
just a chair.

It becomes the cross only He
should bear.

Shhhh... Be very still.
"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

I knew in that moment you could not
have my soul. It belongs to God.

So, I stayed up that night and watched
you sleep, aware - so aware this would
be our last night.

I've never loved you more, for I did
not disturb you; even my tears were

Now I know what perfect love means,

But as I headed east into the sunrise,
You spiritually died for me,
and my heart broke

On the shadow of your smile.

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