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The Middle East


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Tom Clancy first suggested this solution: An International City - governed by a world spiritual body - which would turn Jerusalem into an open city - with full access by all religions. Why not?
Let's look toward a spiritual, religious commonality among us all. Not a reason to hate - a reason to love. A reason to be One.
Genetically, at this point in time; all persons in the Middle East are Brothers and Sisters of One God. Is this rocket science? :-)
A Buddhist Monk once said: "Disasters happen so that we all might relearn how to care about one another." New York City has proven that, I believe.
Make any comparison between what Jesus taught and the teachings of Buddha. Look at the differences. Do you find any?
Jesus taught it is not the letter of the law which is important, but the spirit of the Law. The spirit of the Law is the love of Christ. Is this rocket science? :-)
The Nimatullahi Sufi Order, when asked to define their beliefs have said: [paraphrase] "We have One Goal and One Direction, and that is God." The Sufi are possibly the oldest continuous spiritual school in the Middle East - some say for nine thousand years.
I see ingredients here for Peace in the Middle East. What do you see?

May your days be long and prosper - Mr. Spock.