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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on at our Church. The Website is always "Under Construction" for I am constantly learning; a process I trust will never end; until I am called Home to be with Jesus and my Heavenly Father - God. Perhaps not even then? Who knows?


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This is the ancient tradition of The Way, the original teachings of Jesus, the oldest spiritual teaching yet found on earth.

God willing, you will be successful. We must trust in Him,
or nothing is accomplished. He is our final boss. Pray about this.

James L. Fabert, DD
Apostles of Christ Church


Rachelle "Angel" Conrad

South Park, at 12th and Vermont

Monday, Sep. 10, 2001

2 PM



I remember the first time I met Angel. She walked up to me and said: "I'm afraid of men, you know?" The look in her
eyes was that of a little child with more pain than she
could bear. She was probably 35, and looked 60. Too much
alcohol. Too many beatings from too many "boyfriends". She had scar tissue around her eyes like a pugilist. I knew she would not last long, yet oh how some did pray for her. My eyes misted up and I could hardly talk, but I got it out: "This one you don't have to be afraid of."

Her eyes changed, and the joy started up from somewhere deep within her. She didn't have to say anything. From that moment, whenever she saw me, her eyes would give me a pat; on the shoulder like.

Last night, her husband walked in, and his eyes looked just like hers: they had seen all the pain they could bear that day, and maybe from all time. I grabbed his hand, and we prayed together, and we both knew she was in the loving arms of Christ, in a better place than we. "She's gone. He said. "I woke up this morning, and she was gone."

I've learned a secret from Angel, and many others like her: that some people are given a special gift by Christ. They are given the gift of being able to totally love someone. It is painful, and many turn to drink. Mostly I've seen it in those few who can lay down their lives for perfect strangers. They have a look we call the 'thousand yard stare'. It's from looking inside yourself; like an old dog who's been gut shot, but is too weary to die from it. It's the same look those who knew Him said Christ had in his eyes. A look of absolute sadness which could not be described, because we all have the choice of loving or not. Those of us who do really love, with no expectation of it ever coming back, when we cannot give it to Christ; we die each day from it a little; until we give up or find a way to give it to someone else. Then Christ gives it back to us when we're ready, so we can give it away again. That's what real love is. Angel knew what it meant. You could tell it
in her eyes. She opted for alcohol, and going home to Christ. It was her choice, and she's happy now. Let's be happy for her, OK?

I know. It's lonely.

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The Absolute Love -

We've talked before of what it means to love someone - to sit in a chair and love them while they're sleeping so you do not disturb their sleep - to never expect any love back, because that person will not love you. This is what Christ talked about when He said: "Love your neighbor as you would yourself". Your neighbor is that person you have drawn to you to teach you this ultimate lesson.

The feeling is that of a broken heart. We have all experienced this. In order to save your own life, you must return this to Christ; or your heart will overload and commence to die. When you return it to Christ, He takes it from you - and you know what true unselfish love is. It leaves this beautiful warm feeling that is from Him.

I would caution anyone that you must spend many years in meditation before you attempt this technique. If you do not learn how to give this pain to Christ, the pain becomes nearly unbearable. You will believe you are having a 'heart attack'. You are.

This technique should only be applied when He shares with you that you have no hope to reunite with your loved one on this earth. They are dead to you, whether it is spiritual death or literal. It is the only solution to a spiritual marriage where the other person will not return it. This love goes internal, not external.

Yet, "hope springs eternal".

It is the ultimate meditation.

In the book: "Mr God, this is Anna, by Fynn" the little six year old girl Anna says something very profound. She says: "It isn't that people are bad, it's they have no other place for their good to go." I believe Anna says all I need to say.

James, your Brother.

We need your help! No task too small or seemingly insignificant. Your participation is how we survive; as a church and as a society.

Rev. James L. Fabert, DD, PhD [Hon]
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Apostles of Christ Church

The Intimate Divine Relationship - Seminars

We all have a vested interest in maintaining our families at their highest possible levels of love and achievement.

These Seminars are based on a possible teaching of the Christ to His Apostles, which is not featured in these words in the Bible; but the spirit of the Christ is definitely here - the spirit of His love.

1/1=1 The revolutionary formula where any member of a couple consecrated by God automatically refrains from cohabitation with others. This is their divine authority
through the Christ: "Let no man put asunder".

Man or woman=1/all others=So they may find God=1.

Get it? More in the actual seminars.

The pricing structure recommended in devotions and voluntary tithing is thus:

$20 for each person for the entire seminar.

A group seminar of not more than 10 persons with 2 facilitators=$180 dollars for the group. Simple.

All proceedings help to further the work of Christ, God and His Apostles out of the Church.

The secret to Tithing: Each deposit of $10 expands for you
a minimum 100 times=$1,000. This law does not always work in actual funds returned, but in goods and/or services as well. Either way, this is the spiritual law of Good Return.

Tithe as you are able. God Bless you every day, and in every way.

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Sincerely yours,
Rev. James L. Fabert, DD, PhD [Hon] 

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