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Welcome to The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To People. We try to help you understand the world you're living in. It is not all love, and it is not all cruelty. Most of the Universe tends to equalize into a balance between the two extremes, like water poured into a bowl.

Since 1/1=1, in human terms: Man or Woman tend to divide their spouse and those they love; those they have committed to; from physical relations with anyone else to find God. They may accomplish this by working together in a mutual spirit of trust and love.


Who are we? We are in the front line of the beginning of what mankind is now becoming. We are a balance point, between total love, and total cruelty. We are spiritual scientists, each with a seperate specialty. Each of us has one direction, and one goal; to return home to Father God after this task is finished. Since we see no end to the task, I guess we have to help you find a way to let us go home. Is that fair? Does that sound good to you? The deal is: if we find the balance and help you find the balance; we both win, and we all go home; where the balance is better. At home, Father, Mother and our Brothers and Sisters know only one extreme. Total love. We are anxious to return. Will you come with us? The choice is yours. Father loves all of us so much, he gives us the choice, we can either stay here, make a place much like we left; or make it a hell and much, much later; we might go home. Which do you want? Can I hear a vote? Is it Unanimous? Good. Me, too.

Now, let's talk about violence. The truth: Men and women are equally violent to one another. Each has reasons; they believe, to initiate violence against a 'significant other'.

When did pain and violence ever result in anything except more pain and violence? Research thoroughly verifies: "What you sow, you reap." - Jesus, the Christ.

The real question today is this: Are we now seeing this on a Global Scale? Has the lesson come Home to us here in the U.S.? Have we come so far from the teachings of Christ that we are reaping what we have sown? Go into your peace and quiet of your 'closet' as Jesus said, and ask Him. That relationship is private. Only you have to know, but the rest of us....? "By their fruit, you shall know them."

This is the reason Ministers of God try to stay out of politics: Only God knows, and we do not have the authority to Judge. Only God does.

We have the authority to Discern through the Holy Spirit of God, what the truth is; or as Jesus said: "By their fruit, you shall know them."

Our society has always needed more knowledge of a way to live peacefully with each and one another. Love there is, but hate is there too. Why do these things happen?

Because we have a choice. God loves us all without limits, and expects us to do the same.

What is love? God is love. The rest of us substitute sensation for love. The 'romantic ideal' is the most famous fictional illusion in this culture. Read my lips: LOVE IS NOT PHYSICAL! That is, it cannot be physical alone.

Back to the energy paradigm again. If everything begins with God, who is a higher energy being than we are, then love begins with Him. Right? Easy.

If we are His children, on a lower physical energy plane, then the only love we can use as a model must be His love, right? Easy again. Does our love have limits? Oh, yes. We use the 'gift' of love to manipulate each other on several different levels most of the time.

Think about this? when was the last time you loved someone without being physical about it? Can you? Can you sit in a chair while a loved one is sleeping, and not touch them; at least once?

Careful, now. They need their rest, or their physical bodies will be become ill. That's the way we are made. But, at some point, we need love too. Shall we wait until they awake, or disturb them while getting in beside them?

Careful now. Best to love them from the chair and not touch them, right? There. Now you know what real love is. Love without having to touch. Love without disturbing your loved one's rest. Just love them, totally; with no reservations at all. No manipulations. No conditions. Just love them. How does it feel? Lonely isn't it?

Now you're losing sleep. What do you do? Sleep in the chair, that's what. If you can do this, you have demonstrated what total love is. If you can't, conditions pertain.

What about physical love? Here are the solutions.

Make sure both of you are awake enough to know where the love comes from. It comes from God, on the spiritual plane of reality. How do we know this? By adjusting our own level of energy to God's level of energy, by loving God in our minds until we can reach His level. We can't touch Him. He won't touch us, because we are asleep. He's always awake. So He has to wait until we're awake and aware of Him before he'll touch us. Get it? He loves you totally, with no conditions at all. Can you love like that? Try it, and see.

The Intimate Divine Relationship.

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Oh, Dear God.

I have never read anything more beautiful and heartfelt than this. Who are these people? How can they possibly love us this much? Look at us!

No, don't use my name. Let me practice this for awhile. My child is asleep. Can I? No, I can't. He murmurs, once; smiles from my touch, then is instantly asleep.

My Husband is asleep. He is so nice to crawl in with. Can I? No, but he doesn't care. His arms enfold me, and I'm made warm from the cold night. Thank you, God. Thank you.

See, love doesn't disturb sleep. It only disturbs those who can't love.

The solution? The Love of Christ. You see, when we try to love as he does, with no limits, that is very painful. So, ideally we return it to Christ, that he may perform the cleansing for us; taking the pain away when we ask Him. "Ask, and Ye shall receive."

Then, we get the opportunity to learn how again, until we get it right. Love until the pain is too much to bear, then turn it back over to Him. But, He has asked us to "Love our neighbor, as we do ourselves." Who is our neighbor? Could it be someone who is drawn to us, or we drawn to them with God's understanding, not our own? That someone is to be loved with the Love of Christ, not necessarily physically; but with that beginning understanding of how to love: The Way of Christ?

It can be a short path, or a steep, rocky one; but He has asked us to keep trying, until the end. Which end? Ask Him, and see.

With Christ, it is "the end of time". With us, can we love like He does? Can we love someone forever, without expecting to receive anything back? Can we? We can only try, and keep on trying. But, it is painful; and it's lonely. And no one yet has achieved the Christ, except Jesus. Some say other advanced teachers come upon this earth, when they are needed; to teach us how.

Are you one of them? Are you One with Christ, and with God? Jesus said: "I and my Father are One." He made it. Can we?

Is it worth the pain, and the loneliness? Only you know.

The ideal is being married, under God; to that one person whom you trust, and love without conditions? Can you do that? Many cannot. Trust is so easily destroyed. All it takes is one Lie. Just one. How do we build it back up again, once it's gone. Love and forgiveness, and working together; ideally as Ministers to God. But, it doesn't pay very much. The hours are lousy. Most people can't understand why you do this. If you depend on the opinion of those who are 'worldy', you will lose the path towards God. You will be too busy trying to fend them off, and miring yourself in their mulch; in their ingnorance, in their misunderstanding of who you are.

Then you have to decide: Who are you? In reality, you are only a simple Child of God. Hard on the ego, isn't it? But, the love of God is so total, and awesome and indescribable... It is still the only real source of love there is.

No, you can't go back prematurely. God decides when you return Home. That is not your decision. He is in charge, not you. Love Him. Love your neighbor as you would want to be loved. These precepts, laws, concepts, whatever you might wish to call them are over 2,000 years old now. They remain as true today as they were then. These core values are the same:

1. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul.
2. Love your neighbor as you would yourself.

I personally do not want a physical, sexual relationship with all my neighbors. Only that one special One that God sends me to be my spouse. Do you? I feel sorry for you. Do you really think you can find God that way? Well, the choice is yours.

1x1=1 Man unites with and is multiplied by the love of His/Her spouse to find God.

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Basic Transportation. One of our people wore out four of these traveling eight western states, to get a personal feel for what this world is like. Beautiful scenery and people, with only a very few who threw rocks, or bottles or cans, or offal; or whatever. Just a few, but we do remember them well. Forgive them, Father. They thought we were homeless. They were afraid, or drunk and afraid; or sick and afraid; but they were all afraid.

Before we left, Christ said: "Fear not, for I am with you. I am in charge. Know that is true. I will be there for you."

He does not lie. He always was, and still is. The stuff hurt, though. It really hurt.

Thank you for visiting with us. May God continue to bless you.

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