National and International Information.

Many of the Databases and Links found here are for professionals only! You will find pictures of deceased persons here which may be of a distasteful nature to you. However, too many Police Departments neither have the time nor personnel to accomplish this task. This is very important work. Many families have not had closure on a missing loved one for many years. DO NOT CONTACT FAMILIES DIRECTLY. PLEASE ALLOW LAW ENFORCEMENT TO HANDLE THIS TASK. We are looking for professional level volunteers to help with this.


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Some of you do not wish to be contacted by us. Therefore, we herein provide you certain links which may be helpful to you.
Here are some national [US] links.

American Family Foundation

C.A.R.E. Inc.

Find Missing Children - Child Protection Education of America


Child Trauma Academy - Texas

Coldcase [Missing Persons Database]

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children NCMEC


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Find Missing People Databases and Links

Freedom Of Mind [Support]

Fugitive Hunter Database DO NOT APPROACH DIRECTLY!

Cults On Campus

Cult Information Service, Inc.

ID-WANTED [Missing Persons Database]

My Garden of Missing Children

NMCO - The Nation's Missing Children Organization and Center for Missing Adults Database


Public Record Finder

REFOCUS [Support Network]

Here are some International Links.


Cult Information Centre [Australia]


Resource Center on cultic thinking [Canada]

Unsolved Cases Database

Unsolved Crimes Network

Youth Fire - Youth Exposing the Occult.

You may recommend other sites. We will try to publish them here.