Blue Light Sanctuaries
Bodiam Castle

Come on Home. You're safe as soon as you get here. Relax now, you're on the home stretch. The best thing you can do is not be anxious. Don't be afraid. Remember, Jesus said: "Fear not, for I Am with you." All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed. Know He is there with you. Know it. Most reputable Church Homes will accept you. If it's not listed here, make arrangements in advance locally. Email us at and

Bluelight 66044

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This second information group will be private sanctuaries where those who might be afraid may find comfort, safety and succor. Since this list is just beginning, please have patience with us.

Rev. Harold & Dona Demoret
611 Josephine
Wakeeney, KS 67672
Phone: 785-743-2901
Cell Phone: 785-769-4869

Directions: From the Main entrance off the Interstate 70, go north on 283/40, turn right until you reach the grocery store, the Baptist Church is just beyond on the right, or to the east. These are very brave people, folks. Tell them how much you appreciate them, will you?

Demoret E-Mail

New site pending. Hang in there. We're working on a Grant. Anyone want to help?

At 66044, Lawrence, KS; use the Chapel at KU, Jayhawk Blvd; across from the museums and one block south of the Student Union. We won't always be there, but there is an emergency call button there to 911. Rest, read the Bible, enjoy the blue light coming through the beautiful stained glass windows. One of us will try to show up once a day. No guarantees. Just rest. Email us first for a meet. Bless you. Fear not, for Christ is there for you. We have no arrangement with the Chapel. The last time Eric was there, they had cut off the water. Interesting, what?

Second location alternate - Salvation Army is only open during cold weather. Don't have a drink before you go. We have no arrangement with them.

[Bear with us, please. The world is full of fear, and lack of trust among us, even now. We can really only count on Jesus and God, our Heavenly Father.] Let the Holy Spirit guide you.

There are a lot of really nice people, both in cities and small towns. With the war, everyone seems to fear. "Fear not, for I am with you." Jesus-The Christ.

A note on the war: Many of our people are working for you out of the country. Hang in there. Pray for us.

Eric just got back with only a bug bite on his right hand. I asked him if it was a 'black widow'. He just grinned.
We had to put him back out in the field here. He's it right now, and talking about retirement. We need you, man.