Missing Persons
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All name and address entries are classified internally as Top Secret. EMail

We report to NCMEC
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
1-800-THE LOST


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Top Secret-NoForn- A white female, approx. 45 years of age. Very slim build/anorexic type. Blonde hair. Long errings. Pull over pants and blouse. Last seen in rural Scranton, KS, with her husband [Top Secret-NoForn-]. Location of last known address corresponds to Library, Melvern, KS. Does anyone have any information on this person? Case No: Mel01

Reports to Col. Eric Loast on this one.

Bluelight HQ.

Special Note:
A white female/body type-White Russian. Code name: Tanya. Last previous location, Nurnberg, Germany. 1973. This lady specializes in Tantric Yoga, seduction of men involved in spiritual activities. Especially interested in Priests and Ministers. Description: 5'8" tall. 155 lbs. Shoulder length medium auburn hair. 36-28-38. 5'8". Blue eyes. Has difficulty spelling english. Favors internet correspondence, convincing recipients of personal love interest. Very attractive 53 YO white female. Extreme personal magnetism beyond physical appearance. Facial muscles beginning to sag. Brilliant, engaging smile.
Reports to Gen. Johns on this one at OPS/INTEL Case no. Nurn01.

Project Bluelight OPS/INTEL

Is the chair still comfortable? The Bible says: "Suffer not a witch to live." I am still praying you are only ignorant.  Lord God and Jesus, my Brother, hear my prayer.