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Many of you are very curious about our personnel. We will never publish pictures nor actual names of these very brave people. They do not wear uniforms, and none stand out in a crowd except for Gen. Johns. His command presence is a bit overwhelming. Ask the last person who abducted a child, and was found by him. He'll tell you.

Email Gen. Johns at Suggest letting Eric take care of it for you.

Bluelight HQ. Attn: Eric.


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Spiritual Staff

OUR HEAVENLY FATHER - GOD - The One in charge. We do nothing without God.

Jesus-The Christ. Our Brother who loves us without limits. Yet, when told a Minister was about to be subverted by Tania, He was heard to say: "Now that's enough!"
Remember the money changers in the temple? The Christ is not always loving - He can be righteously angry. To those out there who would confuse the Christian message - DON'T!

The Holy Spirit of God. The ultimate communications officer. The Holy Spirit keeps us all in touch with the Boss - Our Heavenly Father.

Col. Loast - He didn't want to be included here. "Fast company." He said. "I can't hold the latching to His sandles." Col. You count with us.

Our Company

God decided it was about time for those who are not loving to realize their day is past. Is this the new millennium? Guess? Evil will not prevail. We will hunt it down, and bring it back home to Father God, for re-education. However, God so loves us he gives us all choice. We do not use weapons - yet - and always try to be gentle. But, attacks against the innocent; especially children - will not prevail.

Father God gave us all the ultimate gift of love - free choice to become as the Christ or do otherwise. Yet, Father now realizes some action must be taken to protect those who cannot protect themselves. In particular, he is concerned about the ultimate horror - for an innocent to lose their soul. "This will not be tolerated. I Am now declaring spiritual war on those who would harm innocents. Fair Warning! Come to Jesus and be counted on to love, as He loves you. Come to any spiritual leader who loves God, and be counted. If you don't love God, He doesn't realize you exist in His reality, because He is love. If you are hate, you condemn yourself. Who defines reality? God does. Do you get the message? Come to God and love, for that is who and what you are. These fine people at The Apostles of Christ Church will help you.

The Apostles of Christ Church - The Church Without Walls




Lt. General Paul Johns - Staff - Project Bluelight Commanding Officer.

Lt. Gen. Paul Johns - (Alias) - Gen. Johns was an exemplary Special Forces Officer. Highly decorated, and tactically brilliant; He is a distinct asset to any organization. As part of his past, the Colonel used to help find missing children with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. His command presence and exemplary dedication earned him the highest accolades of all who dealt with him. Yet, as anyone who ever harmed a child was quick to determine, his steely gaze was very intimidating. A naturally gentle man, Col. Johns can be "hard as woodpecker lips" when the occasion demands it. Those who would harm children will be much more nervous tonight knowing Gen. Johns is out there, somewhere.

Fr. Col. Eric Loast - (Alias) Col. Loast was a highly trained medic for his country, specializing in trauma. Now a Minister of God, he says: "I am only a lowly child of God. That's all." Trained in Monasteries and private libraries all over the world, he is a Spiritual Physician of the highest caliber.

He is our Chaplain and confidant. The best friend of those who love God, he can be very like Christ with the money-changers in the temple when provoked. He also is a warm, gentle man who loves all mankind. "Cult members are human, I'm just not sure which species."

FORMAL NOTICE - Any person who has special qualifications in this work, such as ex-commandos or counter-intelligence personnel are warmly welcomed to apply with us. Nurses are
especially valued. So are Paramedics and EMT's. These brave ones see this every day, so we may not get many; but we know you will be the best of the best.

Please contact Col. Loast at for an application.

We practice rigid security checks, so be prepared. "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the furnace."

We could certainly use some brave women on the team. Are there any Trauma Nurses or women Ministers out there who feel brave enough to join us? There is nothing like having
a female perspective, especially with women and children.

We are warmly grateful to SFIU for providing communications for this new start-up. We're weaning ourselves away from them, as you can see. Hard to do.

The Alpha Group, Consultants have been extremely helpful.

Searcher Foundation Internet University - SFIU Web Site. "The House of Christ."

Searcher Foundation Web Page, Communications Center - SFCC.


The Alpha Group, Consultants E-Mail

The Alpha Group, Consultants Web Site.

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This is the Cottonwood Operations Group. Dedicated To the lady who made Bluelight possible. Ardythe, you may not like us, but without you; this wouldn't be possible. I've always believed in taking too many lemons and making lemonade. Bluelight is my lemonade. Sour and sweet. So are you. Love from all of us at Bluelight.