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Do you have any questions or comments? Project Blue Light depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think.

Just click this address to send us mail: Project Bluelight HQ.

Mark it: SANCTUARY PROGRAM for submitting an entry, or OPS/INTEL for information you might wish to present. All sources will be kept strictly confidential. We will check up. Count on it.

Project Bluelight HQ.

Please enter the forum. We are asking public assistance for some of our outstanding cases. Be the first to help us solve one. Those who show a particular aptitude will be asked to submit a resume. We need your help, and so do the children. Thank you.

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Job Openings

If we have jobs available, we post them here, along with information about how to apply.


Executive Secretary.
Secretary and personal assistant to the Team Leaders. You will handle all incoming and outgoing non-classified correspondence for all Team Leaders. Salary and Benefits depending on experience and funding availability.

Director, Fund Raising.
Request expert fund raiser to work with security related issues and government entities to raise funds for Project Bluelight. Top Secret Clearance required.

We have a desperate need for qualified investigators and action personnel. Anyone with a military, commando or Counter-Intelligence background will be warmly considered.

Here's where you computer nerds come in. We need you more than anyone. We need to have anyone who surfs the internet to keep an eye out for these sites. Right now, the position is strictly volunteer; and you might have to fend off hackers at every turn. Better yet - any of you former hackers want to clean up your act? We could use your help.

Apply by email to Col. Loast at Bluelight HQ - PERSONNEL.

SANCTUARY PROGRAM. - All of you local churchs, especially in small towns. We need your help. You know everyone in your community, right? Strangers stick out like sore thumbs, true? We need you to open your churchs to those who are trying to escape from these people. Make no mistake, the work is dangerous, but God takes care of His own, right? Ask Him. You'll see.

Contact Col. Loast and mark it SANCTUARY PROGRAM. We need contact names, locations and directions with hours of operations. Please be on standby, folks; you never know when you might be needed. We will publish the information on our website, so that any who need to may contact you, or we will keep it in a need-to-know file here at Blue Light HQ. You decide.

Decide for love, for that is what and who you are.