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Some questions for you:

"Toil should not make a person sad.
Men should be happiest when they toil.
When Hope and Love are back of toil,
Then all of life is filled with Joy and Peace,
And this is Heaven.
Do you not know that such a
Heaven is for you?"

-- Jesus, the Christ.
-- The Way Gospel -- 33:6

Yes, spiritual principles apply to our everyday lives.

These principles are as successful today as they were two thousand years ago.

I've applied these "Spiritual Laws" to help small business entities be successful for over 25 years. I'd like to help you do the same.

The Internet and computers have totally changed the way business is conducted today.

Now, you're not restricted to living in any particular area.

You do need adequate communications hardware and software, but these are decided by the analysis of where you want to live, and your options are increasing exponentially --daily.

We truly are in a world market, where what people will buy locally - where you live - has no bearing whatsoever on what type of business you have! Think about this!

This is the greatest revolution since the inception of the industrial age. No, we're not talking about pie in the sky and I won't promise you'll get rich. I'm not a soothsayer. I'm talking about relative independence and privacy - two much needed commodities today.

Along with that comes peace of mind from having the time to get really acquainted with who you are - the key to happiness. I've found that's the real reasons behind why my clients begin a small business.

Is that what you want? Then Email me and we'll chat for awhile. Let's see what happens. If you approve, we will enter into a contractual agreement, that we may have no misunderstandings.

Now, don't concern yourself about fees.

I often arrange an agreement for a small percentage [usually 10%] of your success, that I may continue to help you on retainer.

By the Spiritual Principle of Reciprocity, your success is mine; and mine is yours.

A sense of humor helps, too.

(My friend "Ribbit" here...takes care of occasional bugs in non - IBM equipment.)

The Ministry Programs

Are you a student or planning on enrollment with SFIU?

As a Minister or prospective Minister/Teacher, I have some special plans for you and your success.

You will be the recipients of another Tutoring Service on the internet, much like SFIU. We will provide the basics, and you may feel free to exercise your creativity, and spiritual insight. You will be trained for it. It will be yours.

If you should desire your own Ministry, outside of a teaching environment, we will be here for you, as well. Please tell us what you need, and we will do our best to help you.

Let us know how much support you might think you need. We will remain on retainer for you as I have outlined on this page. Your success is our success.

Whether you are planning on starting your small business or your Tutoring Service after Graduation, we have resources to help you.

Please consider the questions at the beginning of The Alpha Group's Home Page here. Write down your plan in a typical Business Plan format, to organize your thoughts. Then, talk to me. I'm here to help you.

We recommend IBM Products - computers and software. "BIG BLUE" still remains the leading computer products company in quality and service to their clients. You deserve the best.

We have experience with security projects. U.S. Government Classified.


I've been a 'computer nerd' longer than most in the industry. My initial training was in 1962. Since then, I have continued a policy of peer education through seminars with developers and suppliers, that I might stay current with rapidly changing technologies; from the source. There's nothing quite like doing it, where the 'rubber meets the road.'

Since then, I've worked with many hundreds of clients, in classified environments. {If their competitors found out they were having problems, their marketability would have dropped markedly. No client in the history of this firm has ever been harmed from divulging closely held information.}

I've been a consultant to many emerging software companies, and many more small service organizations who needed expertise they could not afford. My policy has always been one of win-win. If you need help, you get it, and you pay me when you can afford to pay me. My success is your success, and vice versa. I think you will find this policy is unique in this industry.

Since the inception of this policy, my peers have nominated me for Who's Who U.S. and internationally. Those are the only accolades which count: my clients are more than satisfied. We both won.

Letters of recommendation are available to any prospective clients. How else may I help to establish the essential element: trust between us?

Rev. James L. Fabert,
Doctor of Divinity

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