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An open letter from the Founder

18 Jun 99
07:51 PM

Dear Student,

I know you're wondering about fees, right?

The Searcher Foundation has always been Donation dependent. That is, all "fees" provided are used to keep the doors open. At present, all Staff persons, myself included; do not accept salaries for our services. We are all professional volunteers, with long records of success before we became involved in the Searcher Foundation.

I am very flexible in the level of Donations accepted; based on the ability of the student. Unfortunately, our society does not accept spiritual services when they have no price. Most believe services must have a price attached to be valuable. Therefore, I have bowed to the inevitability of this truth.

Work study programs have been developed to assist you, particularly if you have certain skills which will benefit the needs of the Searcher Foundation. Foremost among these are computer skills. We are as computer dependent as any other organization, perhaps more than some. This dependence is to your advantage, in organization and study resources.

As you can see by perusing the Study Resources page, we have several major on-going HTML coding projects. These, when completed, will be to the advantage of everyone concerned. Some of them are unique, and cannot be found in the printed medium without an entire library. We have compiled this information together to benefit our stated objectives: Spiritual Enlightenment from scholarship and experience.

However, some payment is required; that you may consider them valuable. All the spiritual teachers I have been mentored by throughout the world state that payment for spiritual services is against Universal Laws. That statement is true in the Far East; with a long accepted history in their cultures.

Our culture is very dependent on the evidence of money as being the yardstick of success. So be it. But, I am flexible in the source of payment. Any source which has value to both parties will be considered. My apologies for this dissertation, but the theory behind "value" will be important in your studies as well. You have an early start.

I will receipt all donations.

Suggested Donations will be posted. They are suggestions and subject to change with my permission.

However, we began this University with a very open structure. As you can see by the Courses Table, we are barely covering expenses.

Every Student will be assessed a FLAT FEE per month of $30.00 US and/or $365 US per annum in addition to those material expenses. Most of you fritter that much or more away in things you don't budget [like snacks]. With an education here, it's deductible [or should be as a Donation]. Check with your tax Consultant.

Some Students will be assessed less than others, depending on their ability to pay. That need must be demonstrated with paper proof; not that I'm doubting your word; but Lawyers are the bane of us all. [When we get some time, I'd like to hear yours; and I have some great lawyer jokes. A member of my family is Phi Beta Kappa, Harvard Law. Therefore, I have an inexhautible storehouse of Lawyer jokes.] I digress. Mea Culpa.

The important point here is that I will not listen to those who say they can't afford an education. You can't NOT AFFORD an education. Honest employment can be had, as well as an innumerable amount of Grants and other giveaways. They're all on the Internet. But, you do have to work to find them. No Free Lunch.

Personal access to our computer for research will be assessed at $5.00 US per computer hour, if the equipment is not being used for Staff, Instructor or Counselor needs. A sign-up request log will be necessary. We are sorry, but we have little computer time available; due to prior commitments for Administration purposes. Fear not, for the Internet has most of the material you will be assigned for research purposes; as our Campus is the entire Internet.

Look forward to either having your own computer with an ISP account, or spending a lot of time in your local library where you may gain public access to the Internet. I have access to most Computer types who offer discounted ISP's, so check with me before signing up. I've seen them range from $10.00 US per month to $30 and up.

The Founder [me] will be the final decision maker regarding the arrangements, with the Director and your Counselors setting up your individual Program situation. They will seldom be over-ruled.

Some persons need more structure. If that is your situation, we will do our best to accomodate you, for a substantial increase in the fee structure. Learn to be balanced and flexible. Consider it a requirement, and part of the learning base line. "Balance in all things."

How does it feel to be a pioneer? Are we having fun yet?

Another spiritual truth for you:
"Balance in all things." Meaning: the universe constantly "Searches" for equality, equanimity; balance. Ask any physicist. The inherent laws of the Universe pertain in all endeavors; ours especially.

Could you wait just a moment, please? I won't be long. Enjoy being in the Silence.


Ok, now I've washed my hands from that labor, let's chat. You need to know something about me. After all, the relationship we are about to entertain between teacher and student is inherently one of mutual trust. We can do that by getting to know each other. I will accept a dissertation of kind from you before enrollment; not to pry into your personal business, but to have an opportunity to get to know you - the unique Child of God you are. It will get you into practice for many more dissertations before our relationship is officially terminated with your chosen degree. And, I positively enjoy making new friends.

My Mother informs me I told her I would be a Minister when racing past the age of five. Imagine her surprise when I arrived holding my Doctorate at the ripe "old" age of fifty.

Yes, to the viewpoint of someone in their twenties, I am "old". From my view, my peak of abilities and capability have not been fulfilled. Each day I bring more "tools" to the on-going absolute joy of learning something new. My body is starting to disappoint me, but my energy is higher than ever. My work day begins early; often at sunrise and continues long after midnight; because night is my most creative time of day.

If you can say the same, let's compare notes; and any new jokes you have heard today. Don't be disappointed. As a Minister, I do not fill the typical stereotype. Pious, I'm not. How can anyone find time for "Pious" when having so much fun?

As you young people say today: "Get real". That's what I'm asking of you. First, find out who you are. That is "real". Then, go full speed ahead until the Father says: "Stop." Simple, right? As Jesus said: "The Way is narrow." The rewards are beyond anything most imagine.

Ethical conduct and personal responsiblity have a high value for me. Experience will tell you what my Dad said to me when I was twelve: "If your word is no good, you aren't either." Wow! What a concept when everyone is saying: "Get by and get along."

If you violate this basic truth, the feedback mechanism built into the Universe will smack you; I guarantee it. "What goes around, comes around." You will learn more about this spiritual Law in Class. Remember: The Law of Reciprocity.

Yes, I am not an "aristocrat". My Mother was a Beautician, my Dad a Master Mechanic. I was born in Texas when my Dad was in the Air Force, and my Mother a young bride. See, nothing fancy. My Grade and High School years were spent having fun, like you; in the hills of eastern Kansas. I learned to enjoy reading, from some very special teachers. My favorite hobbies were archeological research (indian arrowhead hunting) and bicycle riding.

Upon graduation, I attempted a University degree. I majored in Frat parties, beer and beautiful coeds. After a major retrenchment in attitude, I attended a private technical school for IBM computer systems. I thought: "You mean someone will pay me to have this much fun?" I worked my way through with any odd job I could find, including flipping burgers. After some time with two big computers covering walls in the basement of a Utility company; I got married, had two children; was divorced and entered the Army as a Medic.

The Army taught me to be a teacher. Enlistees with any education were at a premium during the "Vietnam Conflict." After being shipped to the beauties of West Germany, I was physically injured; very seriously. After a Near Death conversion experience where I learned about love from Jesus, my latent spirituality came bubbling past the playboy in green.

I remember a nurse handing me the Bible and a copy of Richard Bach's beautiful little story about a bird: "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". I sure wish I had kissed that nurse. She was there at the right time for me, and that's when I quit believing in "coincidence"; in retrospect. You see, we had lost six premature babies that week; and I was taught we medical people were responsible for our patients. Guilt was eating me alive.

The Bible and Jonathan took me to the realization God was in charge, not me. How does God allow such things to happen? A very fine Mentor who was a Monk explained it to me later: We all make an agreement with God to learn a specific lesson before we come "down" to this plane: Earth. You see, this plane of existence is a school for learning how to return Home to Father God. This is not our home. We each have a different agreement and lessons to learn before we wake. And miles to go before we sleep. The Way is long and narrow. We have a commonality: We are all God's children.

I started "searching" for meaning in life from that moment. I studied in Libraries most people never find out about, in spiritual schools not open to the public, but somehow open to me. It was like Jesus and God had declared a moratorium on Men's laws and regulations. I had knocked and the door was wide open.

After many schools and personal enlightenment research, I accumulated enough for a Masters, but decided to go for the Doctorate instead. Never do things in small bites, that's for Monks and other solitaries.

The only reason I went that far was because I wanted to teach; and the "world" has certain milestones anyone must pass to reach that goal.

After investigating every known religion, I decided that was the wrong approach. What was needed was a Universal approach, and "stay away" from sensitive egos about religion.

That's when I found The Way Gospel and learned Christ was a Universalist. Perfect. So, I got my "Doctorate" officially from ULC. My chosen subject: You guessed it! ACIM - A Course in Miracles. It is the most effective ego tamer of them all, and no one needed it more than me. { Nerds are like fighter pilots. You can tell them, but unless it's technical, you can't tell them much. My favorite movie is "Top Gun".}

Through many long years and many tears and more joy, I can remember going to the Mountain to pray and the "Still, small voice" saying: "It's time to share what I gave you. The gift is not without a duty to your brothers and sisters. How say YOU?" The choice was mine. I couldn't say no to Him. I loved Him too much. So, here I am.

I spent the next twenty five years being a "Consultant" to anyone who needed the Gift. I still do. It is a calling, and the most beautiful experience of my life; so far. I have miles to go before I wake, and a long way to go before I sleep.

Your Brother in Christ.


Rev. James L. Fabert, DD




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