"Universal Cross"

In Memoriam


Mentor, Teacher, Child of God,
Universalist, Theurgist.

Rev. Kirby J. Hensley, DD.

Universal Life Church, International.
He Ordained over 35,000
Ministers of God.

Graduate Degree Programs Offered by SFIU


A Ministry School by written correspondence via U.S. Mail.


The Pioneering Internet School of Ministry.


An Internet School for Ministers, Researchers and Administrators.

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No. Credit
I 25

Aramaic Studies Program


Since you will be studying the everyday language of Jesus, the Christ; it behooves you to learn to read what He said, and how He said it. This will be a labor of love. Being able to 'stand in his shoes' is an experience none will soon forget. You will know Him in a way far better than most.

This is a one year program, and a requirement for all those in School of Ministry. 25 Credit Hours. $25 US. Plus fees and materials

II 20, 25 Hrs.

Bible Studies Program



The HENSLEY Program is comprised of 30+ lessons. A very comprehensive study of the Bible. Upon completion of the Program, a Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree is awarded for a Donation of $25.00 US. 20 Credit Hours.

The SFIU Program is a requirement for Ministerial Students. Other Bibles, including the KJV, Aramaic Peshitta and Khabouris, with the Way Gospel and The Way Collection, is a requirement. Dissertation necessary.

Donation of $25.00 US plus fees and materials. 25 Credit Hours.

III 20 Hrs.

Doctor of Divinity


Philosophically based, this Degree is Accredited by the International Accrediting Association. To receive this degree, ULC asks for a Donation of $20.00 US plus fees and materials. This is a requirement for Ministerial Students, and the Metaphysical Programs.

IV 25

A Course In Miracles



This Course is well-known world-wide with study groups in most locales. For those with a solid spiritual background, this is recommended as an entry level course. The Internet has several on-line study groups for discussion and feed-back with other Students. It is Ecumenical, and Trans-Denominational.

The Course is the foremost Metaphysical Program now available. Many Students and Teachers report very positive changes in their lives from this Program.

I will tell you I got my Doctorate in this Course, and never regretted it. It helped me to realize the ways of thinking about life I had always held as true should be rethought. The Courses' definitions of reality I have found from experience to be true.

In my professional and personal opinion, the Glossary should be read first, then the Text, followed by the Manual for Teachers. Next, practice the Workbook as your choice. By then, you will understand to what the Workbook refers. If you use the Workbook first, you will have a very difficult time understanding some of the terminology, and likely become confused by definitions.

Some of the Workbook methodologies I disagree with, if the Workbook is to be used as an intro. It surmises that others you will deal with understand your point of view. They do not, in most cases. You and I will, perhaps. But, I will not surmise to infer anyone else will.

In the unscrupulous hands of a trained manipulator, this course could be dangerous, as the tool of a Cult. The Preface states positively it should not be used for that purpose. If any of the Students or Teachers under my charge use it for that purpose, you will probably have me as a witness against you in a Court of Law. That is neither a threat, nor a pre-judgement. It is a promise. If not me, then someone else, under the Universal Law of Reciprocals. Your Ethical Standards should always be without question, by your conduct. Jesus said: "By their fruit, you shall know them." This is discernment, not judgement.

The Course states it is based on the Love of Christ. Use it in that manner, and you will have no problem. In my experience, the methods used as recommended; will result in 'Miracles' happening in your life. Then, you will realize, they are not Miracles at all, but the way everyone should live; if they live by the Love of Christ. You will experience Love and Joy, which are indescribable. I recommend every high school in this world should have this course as a requirement for their students. Upon completion, you should have no further interest in violence as a solution.

This is my recommendation.

SFIU requires this course for every Degree Program before graduation.

The Course is free. The printed books are not free.

The study manual is in three parts; Text with Glossary, Manual for Teachers and Workbook. ACIM duration is a minimum one year of 365 Lessons. Access and/or Purchase of the three part manual and materials is required.

I suggest looking in Libraries, including some Churchs; used book stores, and querying ACIM Centers on the Internet for used books. Unity Churchs also feature this book. Buddy up with a colleague. 25 Credit Hours.

V 20, 25 Hrs. Doctor of Metaphysics,



SFIU and HENSLEY offer a Program in Metaphysics. It is an experiential study of the Spiritual as the precursor to the Physical. {Meta = Mind. Physics = Universal Science and Philosophy.}

This Program is available for a Donation of $20.00 US from HENSLEY, ULC.

The HENSLEY SCHOOL Program is an entry level course for SFIU. They should not be compared. Each is a unique approach.

The SFIU Program is for those with a solid background in Metaphysics and/or Philosophy.

ACIM is a requirement for SFIU Ministerial Students in Graduate, Masters and Doctorate Programs, and a pre-recquisite for this Program. The minimum for ACIM completion is one year, recommended by www.acim.org.

The SFIU Program should complete in one year under ideal conditions.

SFIU requires a Donation of $25.00 US, plus fees and materials. 25 Hours.

VI 30, 30, 30 Hrs.

Doctor of


The HENSLEY Program is concerned with motivational spiritual meditation, and helps you focus your powers of concentration and self control. We recommend this as an entry level course. Available for a Donation of $35.00 US. 30 Credit Hours.

The SFIU Program is an analytical and experiential study of Meditation techniques across all cultures, worldwide. Our purpose is part Scholastic, part Spiritual. Jesus taught us His methods. They will be the actual experiential methodology.

The end prayed for is an enlightened result: that of the Divine Relationship, your birthright as a Child of God. Experiential Seminars are planned and guided by your Teachers. A requirement for Ministerial Students.

$30 US. 30 Credit Hours, plus fees and materials.

VII 20, 20 Hrs.




We can learn much from those spiritual
Teachers and the Saints who have gone before.

This site is a comparison study of the Mystical
tradition across all major religions.

Recommended for general Student background information.

A requirement for Ministerial Students in the Graduate Programs.

Discussion and materials via E-Mail. $20.00 and 20 Credit Hours, plus fees and materials.

VIII 20 Hrs.

HTML For The Internet



This is a favorite for all Ministers who desire to stay on top of the Internet world. HTML [ Hyper Text Markup Language ] is very easy to learn, and it is the basic language for all pages you see on the Internet. If you can bake a cake and/or follow directions; with a logical approach, you can do this. Besides, it's very creative. If your direction is Administration or Business, this would make a good entry level course.

We need those who would help us on Work Programs, which will reduce your fees. Besides, it is highly creative, and a lot of pure fun. Work Study Students will be presented this very marketable skill gratis.

It is an Elective, but highly recommended. All others, we require $100.00 US plus fees and materials. 20 Credit Hours.

FlexEd, the very powerful Australian HTML Editor Software which designed this web-site; is available to you. If you want to help the Director, here's your chance. - Webmaster

IX 20 Hrs.

Doctor of Religious Humanities


This Program is on American Church Law and Parliamentary Procedure. It is available for a Donation of $40.00 US plus fees and materials. A requirement for Ministerial Students.

X 50 Hrs.

Common Law Program



HENSLEY offers a wonderful Program in Common Law. This complete Program has a total of 24 Courses contained in 19 books. Duration: about a year. This Program is fantastic. When you pass the Program, HENSLEY will send you a beautiful certificate, giving you the Degree of Doctorate of Common Law. You are admitted to the Universal Bar Association. This will help you in dealing with any type of law in the courtroom. It helps you to write briefs, teaches what your rights are, and how to help others. Donation: $495.00 US.

This Program is an elective. It is a requirement for the Doctor of Religious Humanities HENSLEY as a Prerequisite. A Requirement for SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, SFIU.

XI 20 Hrs.

Doctor of Motivation



This HENSLEY Program deals with self-reliance, and is designed to increase your confidence and capabilities. Upon successful completion of this Program, 75% or higher on the final exam, you will be qualified to teach and conduct Seminars on this subject. This Program is available for a Donation of $20.00 US plus fees and materials. An Elective. 20 Credit Hours.

XII 20 Hrs.

Doctor of Universal Life


This Program deals with the relationship of Church and State over the past 6,000 years, and covers the origins of western religion and conflicts between the Church and United States government.

Donation to HENSLEY of $20.00 US plus fees and materials. An elective for Ministerial Students. Not required for non U.S. Citizens. 20 Credit Hours.

XIII 25 Hrs.

Doctor of Immortality


This HENSLEY study gives one a better understanding of their own make-up and potential and is based on the book "A New Life--Do You Want It?" This Degree is awarded upon successful completion, 75% or higher on the final exam, and is available for a minimum Donation of $25.00 US plus fees and materials. An Elective. 25 Credit Hours.

XIV 20 Hrs.

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion


HENSLEY offers a Ph.D. in religion. Take this Program, answer 75% of the questions correctly and we will grant you a Ph.D. in religion. People around the world have this Degree. This Program is available for a Donation of $100.00 US plus fees and materials. This is an elective Program for Ministerial Students. 20 Hours.

XV 20 Hrs>

S.O.U.L. Clinic Program


The science of understanding life; the SOUL Clinic Program is a Program in Psychology. This Program deals with resources from many fields. This Program does not entitle you to be a State Certified Psychologist. It qualifies you as a Psychological Counselor. This Program consists of 12 lessons and two textbooks. A SOUL Clinic License is issued upon completion of the Program.

This interesting Program is an Elective for every active Minister and is available for a Donation of $100.00 US plus fees and materials. 20 Credit Hours.

XVI 20 Hrs.

The Business of School and Ministry



Here's the one you Business Students have been waiting for. This Program is taught personally by the Director.

The Program deals with how to setup your School and Business elements of your Ministry.

The Director brings 25+ years as an international Small Business Computer Systems Consultant to this program.

You will learn insider secrets which would cost you thousands from any other source. It is discussion and application via E-Mail and SFIU roundtable. Includes design and Computer system elements for your own Web Site.

This is a requirement for those who have signed up for the Business Program. An elective for those who desire to go on to their own Ministries but not a School of their own.

$20.00 plus fees and materials. 20 Credit hours. The time period is flexible for individual needs, but not to exceed one year.

16 SFIU, 190 Hrs.
BUSINESS, 155 Hrs.
ULC, 265 Hrs.
16 16
Total Total
Total Total

All Students will be Ordained as Ministers of God via U.S. Mailed Correspondence when you know you have the calling.

This dispensation carries on from Rev. Hensley's policies. Rev. Hensley devoutly believed any person could be a Minister who desired it enough to walk the path toward God. You will be mailed your certification from the HENSLEY SCHOOL OF MINISTRY, ULC.

This special dispensation from SFIU affirms Graduate Students will pursue their calling while studying for the Spiritual Masters and Spiritual Doctorate Programs. You will be certified from the SFIU SCHOOL OF MINISTRY.

Those who do not desire to continue their studies with SFIU may do so. We will transfer credits to any school of your choice.

Those who do not desire further studies into SFIU SCHOOL OF MINISTRY for the SPIRITUAL MASTERS and SPIRITUAL DOCTORATE PROGRAMS or wish to be Ordained with their Fellows will be Ordained and Awarded upon Graduation from the SFIU SCHOOL OF MINISTRY.

This is a major milestone in your life, and should be regarded accordingly. Prayer and Divine Guidance should be requested. To repeat, we here at SFIU will make every effort to accomodate your needs.

A printed Certificate suitable for framing is Awarded upon completion, either through the HENSLEY SCHOOL OF MINISTRY, ULC and/or the

SFIU SPIRITUAL MASTERS and SFIU SPIRITUAL DICTORATE Programs are by advanced application and approval based on Graduate performance. This approval will be awarded by agreement of Teachers, Counselors and the Director. Suggested subjects are present in our Student Resources Page. Other subjects may be requested, under my approval.

SFIU PROGRAMS are completed by Dissertation and Thesis. The HENSLEY SCHOOL are by completion through written correspondence. We will accept their testing procedures. SFIU Testing is aside and in combinations with theirs.

Counseling by myself is required for Subject Thesis.

For those who have not been involved on this level, you are trusted to complete the research and written Thesis without supervision.

However, guidance will be guaranteed by the personal and professional commitment of all Teachers, Counselors; and of course - myself.

Duration is a minimum one year period; up to and including four years; as necessary.

These are very intense, comprehensive scholarship projects. Your success is our success. You will be proud of yourself, after completion, but of utmost importance is your personal spiritual enlightenment; that you may share with others and continue the ancient tradition of the Spiritual Masters.

A $100.00 Donation is requested for the SFIU SPIRITUAL MASTERS, and
a $150.00 Donation is requested for the SFIU SPIRITUAL DOCTORATE.

Suggested Program pricing for materials may change unexpectedly. We will pass these along to the Student as they occur. Fees will change per advanced notification.

We are welcome to suggestions for improvements from Students. Please be specific.

Remember: We are providing creative material that all concerned may have the opportunity to fulfill their destiny.

Testing will be conducted at unscheduled time periods. Tests are guides. If you spiritually know your material, complications should not arise. In most cases, dissertations will serve as tests. They will show you where your strong areas are, as well as those which need work. Dissertations will be repeated, as necessary; with counseling and guidance.

Some have asked me to define the difference between Dissertation and Thesis.

Dissertations are review milestones in each Program. They occur periodically, depending upon the Program. They are assigned by Teachers, Counselors; and myself. They are Tests, and Student Reviews; combined.

Thesis are for completion of the SPIRITUAL MASTERS and SPIRITUAL DOCTORATE Programs. These are very detailed extensions of the Dissertation concept. You will have plenty of practice by the time you reach this level. The experience will be very natural and highly rewarding for you. Your Thesis will be equal to any Program from any other University you may encounter. By our lights, they are superior. This is not ego. It is fact. We know our standards to be the highest you may encounter.

This is a natural point to review Accreditation. I found something infinitely interesting while attempting Official Accreditation. As an International Institution, with applications to the Global, we fall under no guidelines. This is further exacerbated by the fact we have no physical buildings. All Official Accreditation is based upon physical inspection by the reviewers. This is again a case of Technology outstripping the thinking and reactions of Educational Institutions. Personally, I feel sorry for them. Professionally, this should have been anticipated long ago. Tradition is strong within Academe. Have I made my point to my brothers in the higher halls of learning? With love and respect, I trust you will ameliorate this situation.

Therefore, voluntarily; we have agreed to, and initiated the guidelines they abide, except for physical inspection. This will be specified in detail on linked page{s}.

Until Global specifications are granted by some Official Agency, we will step out front and accredit other totally electronic Schools and Universities of Higher Learning, which have no physical buildings. Under written statement of compliance, they will be assumed to be honorable. We are not trying to be presumptous here. Ideally, the United Nations should assume this function, and remove it from my job description. Soon, I trust. My cup already runneth over.

We are not here to 'flunk' students. We are here to guide students. Although milestones are reached in each Program, learning should never stop, even for those who guide you. Our Staff constantly studies in their spare time, to keep up with you. You will find many beside you in spirit; studying for higher degrees with you. Susie has been the first. May she not be the last.

Upon the completion of The Way Gospel, The Way Collection validation, The Odyssey Collection, and this current accomplishment: The Searcher Foundation Internet University, SFIU; I have been told I should be awarded full Professor Status. So much wordly blather. If a title impresses you, and absolute necessary for your confidence; then consider it done. From my view, I am a lowly teacher who realizes how much I do not know. My ego does not require it. Personally and professionally, I see no end to the sheer joy of study and research. Please join me.

Please, always be ready for loving guidance in positive applications.

We have many teachers on Staff who are superior teachers to myself. Many are not only gentler in their approach, but more nurturing. Through years of experience and my personality, I have found question and challenge sessions mixed with {'humorous'?} allegories to be most productive for the Student. My mentors have dared me to be great. Could I do less for you? I trust you will enjoy my courses. I love to teach, have as much fun telling stories as any aspiring comedian; and hope to pass that passion on to you; that you might share it with others. Jesus was the Master Teacher in this regard. He has always been my Mentor and Way-shower as a Teacher. I trust He will be yours, as well.

Thank you. Bless you. Peace and Good Will to one and all.

I remain your Brother in Christ, and fellow Child of God.


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