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Primary Mission

Baby Pointing with Grandmother

To help you learn how to give love without any reservations or conditions from the spiritual plane, then interface it into the physical, emotional and psychological.


1. Love from God, without any limits at all.
The purest form of all. It takes years of study, prayer and meditation. Usually only realized in monasteries.

2. Love from someone who loves you, without any limits at all. The greatest of all on this physical plane.

[Too often, this is the example you find.]
Share it? I beg your pardon? What did you say? Find someone else who will share it with you. You can't have this one. This one is mine, not yours. I am not about to share this one. This world is full of hate and disease. Do you think I'm going to risk this to share with you? You better think again.

3. Love from someone who hates you, without any limits at all. What is this like? Do you know? I'll tell you. They hold back, yet convince you they love you. You love without any limits, why don't they? What's wrong with them? Then, you start to realize. They have limits. What limits? They don't love you the way you love them. Now what? Will you try to help them learn how? Do they want to? Can they? Will they? They lie to you every step of the way. What now? Will you continue, and hope they'll change? Or, be lonely; because now you've become used to limits in a no limits game.

What do you do? God gave you the choice because he loves you that much. So, you're still sitting in the chair. Don't disturb them now. They get angry when you disturb their sleep. Stay in the chair. There. Now you have it. Now, you know what true love is. No conditions at all. But, it's lonely, and your heart is breaking; and you're so tired.

What now? Go outside. Feel the love from God. Now, that's the real source. But, you can't touch God. Yes, you can. Go back inside and practice until you get it right. God will touch you as soon as you reach His level. When will that be? Most Monks and Nuns devote their lives, and most of them never feel the face of God. Are you willing to wait that long? It's up to you. God gave you the choice. He loves you that much.

A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide

The new Rover mountain bike is a sophisticated combination of rugged functionality and pure beauty. Its lightweight alloy frame with titanium reinforced joints makes it the strongest bike on the trail, while its sleek lines communicate elegance and grace.

It will go east from west until you reach Kansas, Toto; then
you'll notice all those green fields, with little houses in the middle; and the warm lights are on at night; but you can't go in. You're still practicing love, but the tears are blurring your vision. Keep going. She has to be there, somewhere. If I can only make the left turn east, I know she'll be waiting there for me. We just got seperated, that's all. Help me find her, God; please. That's all I want God. A little house, with her waiting for me. It's cold out here, God. Cold as the fires of hell. I need my sweater, God. That's all right. I remember now. She has it. It will keep her warm on cold nights, I know. She can keep it. I don't need it. It's getting warmer now, God. Can you feel it, I can?

Mom? Dad? Thank you for meeting me. I know I've been gone a long time. I've always loved you. You know that, don't you. You forgive me. I know. I love you. Two weeks ago, I was sitting beside someone I love, so they wouldn't wake up; and be mad at me. I was practicing love, Dad. Real love, like you had for me, and I had for you. It's just that we couldn't talk about it, but we knew; didn't we? Mom. I'm sorry you didn't understand what I had to do. I've always loved you. Goodbye now. I'll see you soon. I know you'll be waiting for me when I get there. I'm looking forward to it, but I have a few more miles to do. She's out there somewhere. I know she is. We just got seperated there at Mesa Verde.

No, now I'm awake. She can't be there. She just told me never to call her again. Is she still lying? All I know is: she's not here with me now.


Metallic paint
Chrome chain guard
5 year warranty