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Children Kidnapped in the US and held in the Middle East. Islamic country refused pleas to return children.

Our security element - Project Bluelight has been investigating the growing realization that children are being abducted from the US and shipped overseas for sexual exploitation! Many factual elements have lead to this conclusion. Here they are.
We first encountered a disparity being reported figures of the actual numbers of missing children as opposed to how many remain in working databases. The DOE Network [] specializes in the identification and recovery of the remains of missing persons. They show over 4,000 total still unaccounted for. This, despite some of the most advanced medical and technical means available. Our first question was: Where have all the children gone?
Second, the International Office of Migration shows two exfiltration routes of International Human Trafficking from our hemisphere. One from the Bahamas to the Middle East. The other from Cuba to Europe. International Human Trafficking seems to be occurring for two reasons: Labor and sexual exploitation. Florida Databases for missing children show more than 700 from that location alone. Gone. Disappeared without a trace.
Congress and the media have known about this situation for some time. Why hasn't something been done? OIL! Saudi Arabia, the terminus shown by the IOM has at least 46 cases of American children being held against their will in that country. Despite Congressional Hearings and Media exposure, nothing is being done. The children still remain in that country.
Kidnapping of children can be construed by some as an act of war. Certainly, there are many parents in this country who would declare it. They have been in agony for years, not knowing the fate of their children, many of them snatched off the street in broad daylight.
Stand by for more proof about the European Terminus. We know, but are unable to prove it at this time.

Here's the Saudi Proof!

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