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About Us

The Universal Cross -
Linked to -
The House of Christ.

The Universal Cross - Link To the House of Christ.

Knowing is divinely ascertained through the Holy Spirit of God.

1. Prayer is essential to understanding.

2. Christ said: "Love your neighbor as yourself".

Is this too simple a message?

OK, then try this one:

3. "Love God with all your mind, and heart, and soul."

Go to the Primary Mission page link for further information.

Primary Mission

Our New Communications Center - Due to the high incidence of spam and unwanted mail - we have decided to go to a communications center.

You may use this mailbox for a link or try the link above.

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Please let us know what you think about our communications center? Is it helpful to you? How might we improve it?

We are trained to be Spiritual Scientists -
Healers, Counselors, Ministers, Disciples of Christ.