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Homelessness - Causes and Solutions


Homeless Issues - Causes -

Greed, greed and more greed.

Too many who provide employment will not place wages high enough that their employees may afford housing, especially single persons.

An attempt is made on every level to divide men, women and children to allow others to control them.

Those with available housing deliberately place housing out of reach of the average working person that employees will not be able to afford same without going into debt. Debt produces more debt, creating more homelessness; creating more burden on the public purse to fund more fact finding programs to preserve the illusion something is being accomplished.

In a very few cases, homes are being built to house the homeless, only to place them more in control by person or persons unknown. This on the surface should be the job of government. Government is handling it with meetings and surface appearances.

What is the point of this round robin? Those who do not step into line are being forced out of society. Those who are unwilling to be controlled are controlled. The controllers are also controlled, by God. Ouch!

Such a sad situation when Jesus gave us the solution more than 2000 years past. "Love one another, the way you yourself would like to be loved".

It's not happening, because of greed.

What the greedy do not yet realize is that every effort they make to control others results in their being controlled.

This is the basic law of the Universe - "Sow and you shall reap". Jesus the Christ.

Good luck, everyone. Do you hear the train coming round the bend? It's coming for you, and God's at the throttle.

The question is: do those who know want to stick around and watch you destroy yourselves? I think not. Go ahead. The choice is yours. God loves you enough to give you the choice.

Mountain Sky during a storm in Tibet


Refuse to work for those who do not provide enough honest wage to feed, clothe, house and love those neighbors drawn near to you. You notice the word NEIGHBORS?

If each person provides for their neighbor, the illusions cease to exist. Pure Christ thinking. Can we do it? Not so far. Can you hear Christ crying, deep into the night?