Colorado Tears


A Winter Storm over the Himalayas


What is Colorado Tears?

Colorado Tears is a Journal - a 'Spiritual Love Story' - according to my publishers - yet full of dependency, and fear and horror.

In here, I'm going to try to detail; ipso facto [after the fact]; what happened - and maybe why.

This is the greatest love story I'll probably ever tell, and the greatest horror story of my life.

Remember, 'A' - I love you. Please stop being afraid.

I told you I couldn't judge you, and I won't.

But, the other half of the meaning of 'judge' is 'to make a decision', and you'll see why I still cannot decide - Who you are - Angel or Devil; or somewhere in between?

All I know is I love you with all my heart and at least half of that is missing. Let me call you Eve.

[ That's not your real name, but your privacy and mine is very important, and I have to get this by the censors, somehow. ]

Is anyone out there thinking or saying "Men aren't supposed to write diaries, and they aren't supposed to unburden their hearts in public?"

Well, maybe it's not too late. You see, we men have been programmed and conditioned by our society for much too long about what a man is 'supposed to be'.

A man is not what his society says he is, but what God says he is - His Child - right along with you, my love. We're even. Quit competing. Come on - please? This has gone on much too long now.

We should be sitting beside the fire in the cabin, waiting for the grandchildren to come by; helping us trim the tree.

Jesus says: "Love your neighbor as you would yourself, and love God with all your heart, mind and soul."

Well, this man has had a recent heart attack, and he really doesn't care too much about what society thinks any more.

He'd like to get this down before it's too late, for himself, the one woman he loves with what's left of his heart, and those of you out there who are perhaps too afraid to say what I'm going to love you about relationships.

Still. "Be Still, and Know that I Am God." Psalm 46:10

This is where it should begin for all of us.

Instead, it begins in Genesis, when God said: "All is Good."

Then, the Bible's 'Prophets' say in the Old Testament: "No one is good, not one." Bit of a quandary, what?


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KJV Psalm 46:10

Back to the stillness. If you love God with everything you have, what's going to stop you from being with Him where He is?

You've learned the techniques of growing closer to Him.

He is love, you have become love, even if for only a moment.

Rejoice. Be happy. You have touched the face of God.

Only, it's lonely. You are designed to love one woman, in the spirit of Christ.

As a physical animal, make love or fornicate with as many as will let you, and many will; if they're coming from the physical.

Spiritually, where God is; you are both One with Him. So, let this begin where He is; or let Genesis continue.

God guarantees you will not be divided by anyone. "Let no man put asunder." Don't argue. Don't push it. Let it be.

You are Adam. She is Eve.

Genesis, in continuum.

You are the Alpha Pair.

The beginning of the new world.

How does it feel?

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