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Miriam of Mijdel


A very controversial subject - Historical evidence, including her journal, show them having met when she was in training in Egypt to become a High Priestess of the Great White Brotherhood - a secret mystery school of the Essenes. This is of course, impossible to corroborate with three or more sources. The evidence is too old, and evidently hidden and/or destroyed by successions of censors through two centuries. However, Christ said: "Nothing shall be hidden, everything shall be made known." That's good enough for me. My job is to bring these hidden things to light, as His Disciple. A tough job. Yeah. I've got the scars to prove it. They are physical, emotional, psychological and highly spiritual; but somehow He gives me the strength to continue. In the end, it's all for His glory, not mine. Remember that, please. Remember that well.

Look up a current book: "The Lady with the Alabaster Jar", for corroboration on this subject. It is written by a Lay Catholic woman who has every reason to be upset.

According to her, and my Essene sources in one of their Monasteries; Miriam was spirited out of the middle east with other members of the family of Jesus; then taken to southern France, where she and her family began a line of Kings knowns as the Merovingian Line. Approximately three months after arriving, Miriam gave birth to a daughter: named Sarah. Paternity, unknown. Yet, the Spanish Inquisition tried very hard to completely eradicate - murder all members of this blood line. Why?