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The Way Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

An Electronic Book.

182 Chapters. 6 Directories. All linked for ease of access.

This an extraordinarily beautiful book. A rich maroon background represents the Robe of Christ. Yellow text represents the light of enlightenment. White Links represent the pure light of the Love of God.

Each page features the "Fish" symbol of early Christianity, in blue and yellow.

The cover features a three-dimensional aspect to an empty, golden cross against the background of the Universe. "If man would find his Savior, He must look within..." This phrase is a clue to opening the Gospel, and your heart. Can you solve it?

This has to be seen to be appreciated. It will give you the chance to change your mind about history, and your birthright as a Child of God.

Read all the lessons Jesus gave his Disciples.

Includes Jesus "missing years" as a young man, when he studied with Spiritual Masters in the Far East.

Enclosed are private conversations and letters with his family.

This Gospel gives an intimate knowing through Jesus, as a person, and our loving Savior.

You will know him as your brother, and as poet and personal friend, as well.

His letter to his Mother on the death of His Father is beauty personified.

His love shines through from every word.

I found no information in the Gospel which detracts from the established Faith of those who have used the KJV as their "standard" Bible. Consider it a new translation, from the days of our Saviour. This Gospel adds to your faith, not detracts from it.

Available now. Plans are for stand alone viewers and hard drive installations on your computer.

E-Mail your requests, please; to reserve your copy. The Gospel is in HTML - coded electronic format only at this time. The "links" provide research access which is impossible to duplicate in a paper book.

Paper copies will be provided if I have enough requests to make the printing feasible. The expense is prohibitive. {We all might as well get used to electronic medium for books. It is the fastest growing market in publishing today.}

See the Open Letter from me in the Preface for comments.

The Gospel features itemized running commentary and Student lesson points. Students, please take note. You asked for it. God Bless you for your help.

I have special rates for Students. The Way Gospel will be discounted to $7.00 US for you, as is The Way Project. Together, they are $12.00. The Utility Viewer Shareware is not included. Graduate Students may have their name, with their degree information embossed in the Gospel. Planned works will also be discounted. They will be announced on completion. You will get first choice.

The public is asked to make a minimal donation of $10.00 US for this extraordinary Testament to the Love of Christ. The companion volume: The Way Project Collection is available for a donation of $10 US, with a discounted price for the two of $16 US.

I will receipt you and personally emboss your Gospel copy with your name and Church affiliation, if you prefer. This will be a spectacular gift for your children.

Churches may use this Gospel for fund raising purposes. I would be provided 10% Tithe of your final collection.

I am asking a substantial Corporate Donation that I may update software, and provide HTML viewers for those who cannot dowload or afford them. I would also appreciate the opportunity to print these artist quality copies in paper format. Corporate benefactors may use this Gospel in an awards program for their employees. Special rates are available through the - account.


The Way Gospel is a prelude to the real mystery: How did the Jewish Nation keep the Ark of the Covenant - The "Mysteries of God"; from Rome?

What is the solution to the code placed in the Torah by the Kabbalah; the Jewish "Secret Society"?

Find it within The Way Collection, the companion volume research which verifies and validates The Way Gospel.

The Way Project Research Collection validates the Gospel, apparently the Original Gospel of Jesus, The Christ. Found within is an old mystery: What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? Why did it disappear, only to return in this generation? The research verifies the code placed in the Bible which kept Rome from the Ark. I have apparently broken the code by computer and cryptographic techniques. The story of the Jewish Kabbalah, a secret society formed to save "The Mysteries of God" is featured here. The Way Project Research Collection is difficult to detect from a popular novel. This volume is priceless.


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