The Way Project Research Collection.


This is an electronic book.

I discovered a commonality in research years ago.

Successful schools of spirituality through all cultures teach the Love of God. From the earliest records of history, this has held true.

The earliest mention called this study: "The Way". It was the beginning of all "wisdom" teachings.

For centuries, it was verbal, then painted on rocks; etc. in a progression toward the present day when "The Way" is electronic.

Herein find a collection, including material which led to the book I know as "The Bible". It is a collection across all time and place.

Recently, a Teacher suggested I look toward an artist who was competing with Michaelangelo in the beauty of human and visual imagery. I checked out this artist's website at; and discovered physical, visual and spiritual beauty beyond compare.

Presently, my arrangement is for his portraitures only. I pray this initial book will convince Jonathon Earle Bowser to allow us access to his larger works, which are landscapes of stunning beauty; combined with the portraits. They are not expensive, but my budget does not presently allow me the luxury. I pray this state of affairs will change soon.

"The Way" Project is ongoing, so obtaining the initial offering today, may find this very valuable as a collector's item for the future.

I have special rates for Students. The Way Gospel will be discounted to $7.00 US for you, as is The Way Project. Together, they are $12.00. The Utility Viewer Shareware is not included. We will let you download the viewer of your choice. Graduate Students may have their name, with their degree information embossed in the Gospel. Planned works will also be discounted. They will be announced on completion. You will get first choice.

The public is asked to make a minimal donation of $10.00 US for this extraordinary Testament to the Love of Christ. The Way Gospel is available as one 3.5 IBM compatible diskette; separately.

The companion volume: The Way Project Collection is available for a donation of $10 US.

By mutual agreement, this initial offering is available in two 3.5 IBM compatible diskettes.

The two were designed as a complementary Binary. Spiritually and physically, they are Triune - 3; with a discounted price for the two of $16 US.

Thank you, Jonathan; from my heart - for your breath taking art. Though not a student of mine, you are One with me.

Enjoy this phenomenal work by a young artist.


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