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This Gospel is dedicated to Rev. Susie Rock, The First Teacher, Personal Counselor and Benefactor of SFIU. She walked many miles beside me, and I pray will walk many more. She is the love of Christ, and needs no apology nor excuse for being.

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Dear Readers and Students,

Please, have patience. I realize many of you have fallen in love with this Gospel, and want me to officially name it our Gospel of choice. I can not judge it, and the research is not completed. Although, as of 4/27/99 10 PM; "The Way Project" has apparently deciphered the "Kabbalah Torah Code", and its reason for inception. Internally, you may view the results, and decide for yourselves. This Gospel was named The Aquarian Gospel upon its first printing, then was renamed in its latter incarnation by the Christ.

What you're reading in this letter is my 'informed opinion' and my responsibility.

Because of the nature of our Research, discussion with the media is prohibited at this time for all Staff and Students without my permission. [Sorry about that.] You must know these are not normal circumstances. I sympathize with your excitement. I will list my reasons here, so you may understand. Bless you all. -jlfdd

Spiritually and Historically, this appears to be a Gospel of the lessons of Mercy and Divine Love by the Christ. There are lessons of Jesus present here which can not be found in the KJV.

If verified, many Religious Authorities will rethink their religious and scholastic positions. Changes in ideas with new evidence is a fact of research. Emotions are changed from within for each person, at their choice.

Therefore, we are called to show an extreme level of cautious responsibility in our research.

Some gaps in the historical record are evidently filled.

Of special note are the "missing years" in KJV between Jesus conversations with Rabboni in the Temple as a boy, about age ten and His adult Ministry; at about age 28. Ten years are accounted for here.

According to this Gospel, Jesus studied with "Spiritual Masters" throughout the Middle East and Far East during this time period. We have some corroboration for His time in India. At least one church has been found. Three physical verifications are not possible at this time.

The role of Jesus' female followers and His Mother are detailed here. And yes, he demonstrably loved them very much.

The last day of Jesus upon this earth has many details not noted in other sources. "Who actually killed Jesus?" is evidently answered. In all our history; no one event has caused more wars and bloodshed.

Did Jesus actually want a "Church" or "Religion" in His name? See Chapter 60. He was convinced we were not ready for an organized Church, due to our many factions and inability to love one another. Be honest, has this situation really changed?

These are very volatile issues - worldwide.

Personal, professional and scholastic lives at are stake.

If verified, these issues will drive all emotions; and egos will be at a disturbed state.

We at SFIU will not take any official position on these issues until all the physical evidence from three or more sources is verifiable. However, not all are verifiable by three sources. More work needs to be done. Grad Students, please take note. This is of utmost importance.

It is believed by some researchers to be Apocrypha; (The "missing" books of the King James Version Bible.)

The "Author" of 1908, Mr. Dowling; "claims" divine inspiration; as does the KJV, and other tomes of the spiritual; but I have been unable thus far to trace any personal verifiable details. The original author is listed by more than three as "Levi H. Dowling", first publishing: 1908. One statement reads: "From the Akashic records". There is one Publisher found at this time. Nothing yet on the age of the Manuscript itself. However, by all indications, it was recorded as the events occurred, from about 43 B.C. to 4 A.D.

{These designations are difficult, due to the many sources using their own calendars. B.C. refers to before the Crucifixtion of Christ and A.D. refers to after the Crucifixtion.}

I decided to answer the many questions from fundamentalists at my reference to "The Akashic Records." Many older cultures than ours maintain their abililties to tap into the ultimate library - The Akashic Records. This library is recorded in what Jesus calls: "The Book of Remembrance". Tibetans report going into prayers and deep meditation and asking God through the Holy Spirit for the truth about many subjects, through the centuries. All other "Eastern Religions" say the same. They do not consider themselves 'religions'. They refer to themselves as studying 'a way of life'. Students, pay attention, you will see this phrase again. The test will be postponed for a time.

These cultures date from the earliest recorded histories on earth. They are the Tibetan, Hindu, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Persian, Peruvian and Australian peoples by our research. These people are not "heathen". Their civilizations are far older and more peaceful in history than ours. They have lived by the Christ - like principles of love and tolerance for others far longer than 10,000 years, in some cases. They all study a common subject: "The Way of Life."

Can we say the same? No, we cannot. The history of Christianity abounds with some of the worst genocide the world has ever known. If we had the answer, by the rule of Christ: "By their fruit you shall know them" would be made manifest. We as Christians have failed miserably. In my opinion, until we can effectively demonstrate the Love of Christ, without factionalism, dogma and other egoic demonstrations; we should "hold our water".

Trying to bring our version of the Teachings of Christ to the "heathen" has failed miserably, and should. Our version has been too often one of judgment, hatred, bigotry and factionalism. It is time this activity ceased, or we cease calling ourselves "Christian". Jesus did not give us the spiritual authority to judge anyone; for any reason. He specifically said: "Judge not, or you will be judged." This is not an allegory, as are many of His teachings. It is a gentle lesson in spiritual truth.

You will notice the use of the term: "spiritual", rather than religious. Before we go further, let us define terms. My use of "spiritual" relates to Jesus use of the term. Spiritual designates being the physical conduit for the Holy Spirit of God. Being "Christian" designates the action of Jesus' commandments: "Love one another as you love your selves", and "Love one another as I have loved you." This latter was spoken to His Disciples. The former was spoken to us who are not His Disciples, yet learning how to be. The term "religious" designates man-made compromises to Jesus commandments.

Does that seem harsh to you? The history of Christianity speaks for itself. I am not its apologist, only its chronicler. I am Christ's Disciple; and spiritually love him, and you; with my entire being.

If He were on earth today; the first question out of His beautiful mouth would be: "You did What in My Name? Why? Did you not understand what my Father and I have taught you? All you had to do was love one another. You are all His children. What is your problem?"

His conduct of the Money-Changers at the Temple would be nothing compared to now. I bow my head and cry at what we have accomplished to this moment. He loves us. There is no bigger demonstration of His love than His reaction to our "Religions". We still remain to learn how to undo the error.

As a Student Minister and finally as His Disciple with a PhD after my name, I have traveled this country as a poor man who only wanted to rest awhile with my brothers and sisters. Each sunday, I would pick a different town, and a different denominational church for my rest. This mission has stretched to 30 years of experimentation. I was met with suspicion, derision, hatred and everything but the love of Christ; except for some very physically poor people. They were: Native Americans, African Americans, and Mexican Americans. Some poor Mormons also treated me well. They welcomed me warmly, with respect, acceptance and the Love of Christ. They fed me without my asking, and clothed me; and gave me their love and rest.

Now, I am starting to receive at least the Love of Christ from a group that fundamentalists despise openly: "New Agers". These people at least try to learn intellectually how to be: "Spiritual". Most are very close and many have passed this point: They no longer talk about being spiritual. They live it, as did my Native Americans, African Americans, and Mexican Americans, with some Mormons thrown in. By observation, their teachings are not "new" at all. They are as old as recorded history, through all cultures, through all times period, worldwide.

They have gone back in despair to the earliest teachings of all cultures, looking for a commonality they can believe in. Many are finding the love of Christ through "New Thought" teachings, returning them to His love, without "religion". I pray this trend will continue. They are on the road, as we all are: The Path to God.

Some "Human Beings" have reverted to their animal natures and hate all who do not "Believe" as they believe. Psychologists and spiritual teachers know the source of this enmity is of the Ego, our belief in our separation from God. We now know how to train ourselves to set the Ego aside, so that we might love with the Love of Christ. This ability can be taught to all who ask. The current joke among this group is the question: "How many humans does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but they have to really want to change." This deponent rests upon that statement.

To obtain the same level of treatment from WASPs required me having to debase myself in every way to their obvious egos. They treated me as worse than a leper. To them, I was poor, and powerless; and less than human. If I didn't fit within their sociological 'boxes', the treatment worsened. I did not fit within their boxes, needless to say. Under employment I would state: 'Disciple of the Christ.' Oops! No Box exists. Then, I tried: "Consultant to small business." They have a box for that: "self employed". How does one state: "Employee of God, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit?"

I did not hide from anyone my current status with Christ. I wish I could tell you the many hundreds of times I shook the dust from my shoes and left that church and community; on foot; with a backpack which held my then meager belongings. I am and speak like a highly educated WASP {White, Anglo Saxon Protestant} "Yuppie". Those who live and relate in the physical could not see me, at all. There is no hiding who we are from anyone who works with the Holy Spirit of God. "By their fruit you shall know them." Judgment is unnecessary. I trust you share my tears.

New findings: We believe we have broken the code of the Kabbalah. If this evidence holds further scrutiny, The Way Gospel of Jesus the Christ will be validated. If validated, it was written for The Christ from the Akashic Records.

The Code indicates a collaboration between all three Aspects of the Triune God. This source is stated by The Christ as: "The Book of God's Remembrance." All is One. No disparities exist.

"Akashic Records" have been reported by the Tibetans as the "Etheric Records". The Way Gospel could be as old as the immediate time of Jesus, the Christ. There are some translation difficulties from the Tibetan language. The meaning is obviously near synonymous, yet nebulous. Were the Tibetans in receipt of some missing scrolls? I cannot get a confirmation as yet.

We are now left with an individual's faith via the Holy Spirit of God; our only source of Truth; for we are unable to obtain further physical "proof" at this moment - 01 May 99 - 09:00 PM. The research will continue.

Students, barring further evidence, we will consider this Gospel our 'standard'. By popular acclaim, and as a Universalist Minister, I can do no less. We are One in this.

Any Student who desires to retain the KJV as their 'standard', will not be denied. We accept any Students 'standard' with respect and the Love of Christ.

Some reporters with a negative bias report it as: "New Age".

I have a difficulty with this label for something obviously very old. Public relations efforts of this type are common from the "Religious Authorities". Anything which they can not immediately classify in a predetermined 'box' of their choosing often gets this label. Rhetoric is worth the air it comes from.

The Searcher Foundation serves as researcher, editor, publisher and teacher; not the Author.

I trust you will go to the Holy Spirit in prayer and meditation; and ask regarding the Gospel of the Way's validity. The Holy Spirit is your only source of real truth. If you don't know how, "Ask; and you shall receive." That is the promise of Jesus.

Personally, I am satisfied. Professionally, I am still searching.

On this earth, tentative evidence shows Jesus was a trained Universalist Kabbalah Mystic under the "sign" of Pisces. We find evidence of "The Way" as a spiritual teaching from Buddhists, Japanese Zen Masters, Persian Sufi, and Magi sources. It is also mentioned by the Tibetans, which can be considered a separate "school" from the Hindu. If we use this Gospel as a valid source, the list grows much longer. I see no reason not to extend the list.

This Gospel details his involvement with the "Silent Brotherhood"; an apparent group of "Spiritual Masters", who benignly watch over our spiritual growth; and assist whenever possible. They apparently revere Him not only as the Christ, but as the greatest "Avatar". Who are they? Some mention is present in Theosophical Archives of the "White Brotherhood". Another research project for someone.

Spiritually, He was the chosen Son of Father-God to be the Christ, Our Savior who died in the physical to show us we could do it too, and return as He did; with more than His abilities. He demonstrates "no greater love" in its entirety.

His men were predominately fishermen, with some interesting "sinners" thrown in to flavor the pot.

For instance:

Was Paul a Roman agent? If you use "By their fruit you shall know them" as proof by extrapolation: the answer is yes. That was the rule Jesus gave us. Paul was very effective in converting "The Way" of Jesus into an amalgam of Greek Sophistry and Roman repression; now known as "Christianity" in some circles.

This respondent considers the theology of Paul a cult by definition: we did not have a choice in its construction; and a significant number of Jewry repudiated it. {That scream you just heard is from a mob of religious extremists headed my way.} :-)

In religion, no one seems to have a sense of humor. Come on! Everyone! Let's forgive each other our opinions and get back to the Love of Jesus, where we belong. Learn to laugh at yourselves. Yes, me too. When you reach Perfection, you will be gathered up by Father-God in his loving arms, and none of this will mean anything.

Should we all go back to the Torah? If you feel like it, sure. I don't have to be a Jew to appreciate it.

How do we repair the rift this has driven between well meaning people who swallowed the hook with the line? We are all God's Children. It's time we all identified with each other, in God's reality. If we did so, most of the wars currently raging in this world today; would stop.

Was Judas scapegoat, goat; or evil incarnate? You have my questions: Answer them for yourself. If you don't like those, find new questions.

Why did Jesus' brothers reject His Ministry, then 'jump on the bandwagon'? No physical evidence is yet available.

Interesting questions. Lots of material for Graduate studies.

Jesus saved us from ourselves. He asked his Father-God for this Mission; and planned it meticulously. Everything had to happen as the Torah predicted, because most of mankind had forgotten who and why they were on earth.

Ultimately, the Jews would not believe Jesus without the Torahs' conditions being met.

During the devastating years beginning with 70 C.E.; Hebrews - or "Jews" - were killed or fed to animals in the games by Roman Leaders and their soldiers. Women and children were not excluded.

Some scrolls and artifacts were returned to Rome or destroyed. Others have not survived the centuries.

The few remaining "Christines" went into hiding.

Their recognition signal was the sign of the fish: two curved lines; drawn by first one, then the other in the dirt by a toe or chalk on a wall; easily erased.

Tentative research shows Scrolls were coded with Kabbala symbols to keep the Romans from understanding - and given to them! Now, that's "chutzpah"! Some researchers believe these were made into our current KJV.

The Jews' lives - their families - the future of "Christianity" depended on them. They were very focused people. We owe them profound love and respect. Awe? Yes, Awe sums it up nicely.

A few took the scrolls of "wisdom" to survival. Uncounted thousands; except by God - disappeared from history.

I am convinced; but cannot prove - The scrolls were passed by couriers on camels and afoot; and given to others to safeguard them. Included was "The Mercy Seat - The Ark of the Covenant" - the repository of "Ultimate Wisdom". It is now rumored the Ark has been recently returned. You may see a representation in our web pages. Are we undergoing a spiritual renewal? This is no ordinary event.

Historians have never fully acknowledged the heroic efforts of "Christines" and "Spiritual Masters" whom Jesus knew: Tibetan Buddhists, Persian Magis and Sufis; plus the Hindus - The "Silent Brotherhood"- Greeks, Assyrians, etc.

Many of these scrolls are only now coming out of hiding.

Spiritual and Honorable men and women knew each other through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as they do today.

Here is a preview:

Do you want to know Jesus as a friend; a brother; a son; and more?

From The Way Gospel - A letter to His Mother -

30:15 * Jesus said: "Then let the past go with the past; rise from the cares of carnal things and give your life for those who live."

30:16 * "And if you lose your life in serving life you will sure to find it in the morning sun, the evening dew, in song of bird, in flowers, and in the stars of night."

- on the death of His Father.

Not only the Master Teacher and our Savior, but a beautiful poet.

Our minds know from images; with deep meanings for all; as He has demonstrated.

The Purple background you see in this Gospel is a symbol for the Royal Robe of Christ, removed and gambled for at the cross.

No, we have not physically recovered it. "Miracles" come later in the program.

The Yellow typeface is enlightenment light, shining through the darkness.

White links are divine love's pure light.

Blue is Peace; of the soul.

Holy Spirit is the white dove.

These are not idols; but memory symbols, as images.

Any detractions from other source messages of Christ is not apparent. Those remain essentially the same, with some variation in terms. "Christians" in KJV to "Christines", for example.This Gospel demonstrates Christ as a "Universalist". Should I add I wear this label we share with pride? It came from Him. He was the first, and the last - the Alpha and Omega. I, with many others; am a mere custodian.

The Gospel is easy to reference. It is by Chapter and Verse Number, for easy retrieval. They are also divided by Section, designating location and general events. All are "linked" together, for ease in research.

Separate "Books" as in KJV are not present.

Each Chapter and Section has a "Header" giving highlights found within. These were copied in the Directories, and left in the Chapter Headers. Seven Directories were designed, by 30x6 + 2; for ease of use. Yes, Students. A reminder to check the code. The test is coming up --behind you.

Those chapters marked with * have messages of special note. In some chapters, the individual passages are marked. In other chapters, the entire chapter. Please use these * as search points for the spiritual teachings of Jesus, and other notes from the Editor.

An optional search program with word and phrase capabilities as add-on software is available upon request.

Most HTML browsers will accomplish the task. You may view this Gospel while connected to the Internet, and World Wide Web links should be viable. Please advise if they are not.

Thank you for considering and/or purchasing this invaluable personal and professional research product. We here at SFIU know you will enjoy it, no matter your needs.

As modern inheritors, we exhibit the "fish"; permanently - and proudly.

The commentaries by us are copyrighted material; including this one. Duplication is not permitted without permission from myself.

We will accept Jesus' Love and example to our destiny.

If we all lived by these [ "Christine" ] principles, Peace would be present in all our hearts, to all.

We affirm you as fellow Children of the Father, in the love of God.

With profound gratitude,

Rev. James L. Fabert, listserv.gif
Doctor of Divinity;


Rev. Fabert is a Universalist "Life" Ordained Minister/Teacher.

Universalists are non-denominational in religious affiliation. Historically, as a group; they have been "Liberal" in their thinking and actions. Rev. Fabert tends toward: {"Searching for balance".} Many have been civic and scientific leaders of reknown.

The SFIU Research Links

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