The Way Gospel
of Jesus the Christ

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Chapters 121-150

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The Christines are in Nazareth. Miriam sings a Christine song of praise. Jesus teaches in the synagogue. He heals a dumb man who is obsessed. The people do not believe in him. The Pharisees call him a tool of Beelzebul. The Christines go to Cana.


The Christines spend seven days in prayer. Jesus gives his charge to the twelve and sends them forth on their Apostolic Ministry, with instructions to meet him in Capernaum.

* Special note: These instructions Christ gave to His Disciples remain as true today, as they were at that time. Those who would be commissioned to be His Ministers and Disciples accept a tremendous responsibility. The calling has the rewards of experiencing personal love and joy the likes of which are unknown in this society. The need for spiritual teachers remains tremendous, due to false Teachers and Ministers. Only your personal relationship with God and Jesus the Christ through the Holy Spirit will enable you to know the truth.
Ref. WG 135. "And the truth shall make you free."


* Jesus gives his final charge to the foreign masters and sends them forth as Apostles to the world. He goes alone to Tyre and abides in Rachel's home. Heals an obsessed child. Goes to Sidon and then to the mountains of Lebanon. Visits Mount Hermon, Caesarea - Philippi, Decapolis, Gadara and returns to Capernaum. Receives the twelve, who give an account of their work.


The Third Annual Epoch of the
Christine Ministry of Jesus


The Christines cross the sea. Jesus gives to his disciples lessons on secret doctrines. Teaches the people. Feeds five thousand. The Disciples start to recross the sea. A storm arises. Jesus, walking on the waters, comes to them. Trial of Peter's faith. The land in Gennesaret.


The Christines are welcomed in Gennesaret. Many follow Jesus for the loaves and fish. He tells them of the bread of life *. Speaks of his flesh and blood as symbols of the bread and water of life. The people are offended and many of his disciples follow him no more.


Scribes and Pharisees visit Jesus. They censure him for eating with unwashed hands. He defends his acts and teaches a lesson on hypocrisy. Privately explains to the twelve his public teachings.


The Christines cross the sea to Decapolis. Jesus finds a secret place where he privately teaches the twelve. They remain three days, then go into a village by the sea.


Jesus goes at night to a mountain to pray. His disciples and the villagers find him and he teaches them for three days. Feeds four thousand people. The Christines go to Caesarea - Philippi. They consider the personality of Christ. Peter is chosen as Apostolic leader.


Jesus teaches the people. He takes Peter, James and John and goes to a high mountain and is transfigured before them.


Jesus and the three disciples return to Caesarea - Philippi. The nine had failed to cure an epileptic child. Jesus heals it and rebukes his disciples for their lack of trust in God. The Christines return to Capernaum.


Jesus and Peter pay the half-shekel tax. The disciples contend for the supremacy. Jesus rebukes them. Teaches them many practical lessons. The parable of the good shepherd.


* Jesus defends a man who has been convicted of stealing bread. The verdict is reversed. The man goes free, and the people supply the needs of his starving family.


The twelve go to the feast in Jerusalem, but Jesus remains in Capernaum. * He selects seventy disciples, and sends them out to teach and heal. He goes alone to the feast and on his way he heals ten lepers. He teaches in the Temple.


Jesus teaches in the Temple. His words enrage the rulers. Nicodemus defends him. He spends the night in prayer on Mount Olives. Next day he again teaches in the Temple. An adultress is brought before him for judgement.


Jesus teaches in the Temple. He reveals some of the deeper meanings of the Christine ministry.

*["The Way"]
*["Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."]
*["Before the days of Abraham I am."]

The rulers are greatly enraged and attempt to stone him, but he disappears.


Jesus teaches in the Temple. Relates the parable of the good Samaritan. Goes to Bethany. Teaches in Lazarus' home. Rebukes Martha for her anxiety about the things of this life.


Jesus and his disciples go into a retired place to pray. Jesus teaches Lazarus how to pray. The model prayer. [See the Aramaic Lord's Prayer in the Peshitta Collection.] * The value of importunate prayer. Parable of the importunate housewife.


The Christines in Jerusalem. They meet a man blind from birth. * Jesus teaches a lesson on the cause of disease and disasters. * He heals the blind man. [ Jesus gives the "word" to the man for his healing. This is the first instance the actual word is given.]


Jesus meets and instructs the man who was blind. Unfold the mysteries of the kingdom. The sheepfold. Declares himself the shephard. *[Defines the meaning of the Son of God.] Goes to the home of Massalian, where he abides certain days.


Jesus and the three disciples return to Capernaum. Jesus receives the report of the seventy. With his disciples he goes through all Galilee encouraging the believers. He heals a woman. Relates the parable of the little seed and the great tree.


Jesus speaks words of encouragement. Rebukes an officious Pharisee. Attends a wedding feast. Heals a dropsical man. Rebukes guests who seek chief seats. Relates a parable of a wedding feast.


The path of discipleship, its difficulties. The cross and its meaning. The danger of wealth. The young man who loved wealth more than he loved Christ. Parable of the rich man and Lazarus. *["Pearl of greatest price."]


Righteousness in rewards. Jesus relates the parable of the husbandman and the labourers. *[Divine Law of Labor.] Makes known the * Divine Law of Divorce. The mystery of marriage.


The Christines at Tiberius. Jesus speaks on the inner life. Relates the parable of the prodigal son. The resentment of the elder brother.


Jesus speaks on the establishment of the Christine kingdom and the future coming of the Lord in power. Exhorts to faithfulness. Parable of the unjust judge. Parable of the Pharisee and the publican.


Last meeting of Jesus with his disciples in Galilee. Miriam sings a song of praise. The song. The Christines begin their journey to Jerusalem. They rest at Enon Springs. The selfish request of the mother of James and John. The Christines reach Jerusalem.


Jesus speaks to the people in the Temple regarding the messiahship. Rebukes the Jews for treachery. The Jews attempt to stone him, but are prevented by Joseph. The Christines go to Jericho, and later to Bethabara.


Lazarus dies and Jesus and the twelve return to Bethany. The resurrection of Lazarus, which greatly excites the rulers in Jerusalem. The Christines go to the hills of Ephraim, and there abide.


The Jews gather in Jerusalem to attend the feast. The Christines go to Jericho. Jesus dines with Zaccheus. He relates the parable of the ten talents.


Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus. With the twelve he goes to Bethany. The multitudes come to welcome him and to speak with Lazarus.

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