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Welcome to Cognigen Networks, Inc.


Hello, and Welcome;

I am proud to announce a recent affiliation - Cognigen Networks Inc.  It is in the telecommunications industry. Click on the Universal Cross or . 

COGNIGEN NETWORKS, INC. represents over 20 long distance, cellular, and paging companies.

Their featured services include:

1. Website services.

2. Internet access.

3. Satellite TV.

4. Custom Designed Computers.

5. Wireless Services.

6. Home Security.

7. I-Net Telephony.

8. Voice Messaging.

9. Dial Arounds.

10. We have cards for your computer which allow you to make free Internet calls. 

I would really appreciate it if you would take a minute to try out our best rate calculator and see how much you could save by switching your long distance service to us!

We also have an online computer and personal electronics shopping mall where we make commissions when people shop. 

We are expanding and I'm looking for dedicated, ambitious people who might be looking for some extra income, or even a career change. There is NO financial investment required!

Do you know anyone like that?  Here is a 5 min. Flash Presentation which describes the business opportunity:  

If this looks interesting and you want more details, here's another 5 min. Flash Presentation:

We market our communications products and services directly to consumers.  Cognigen pays us to help others do the same thing. We are all independent marketing reps who own their own businesses. 

Heres what each agents main retail site looks like: And here's what each agents corporate site looks like:

 The bottom line is, do you know anyone who would like to save on their communication products and services OR anyone who wants to start a business and make some money? This opportunity is absolutely 100% free.  The company instantly creates our websites, and they continue to host and maintain them for $0.  They even provide free training to teach us how to market on the Internet so reps can sign up people they have never even met!  To join, click here and fill in the form:

 Im very excited to start this new opportunity. If you would like to start your own business, or know someone who might like to start their own business, I would be happy to provide more information.  Drop me an e-mail anytime.

All the best,

James L. Fabert, DD


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