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Searcher Foundation Communications HQ

Many people like to know a little about the person behind the ministries, so I'll use this page to provide more information about my business philosophy and personnel.

SEARCHER FOUNDATION is privately held at this time, soon to expand into a publicly held, non-profit organization.
Our sole purpose and reason for being is to serve the Lord. We try to be Christian in action, yet are open to accepting all searchers toward Him.

Searcher Foundation Business Philosophy-

I designed a spiritual center for students and browsers, who are looking for something based solidly on the Love of Christ, yet very different in presentation.

I realize some of the items in SFIU will be controversial. My primary mission is returning New Age practitioners to Christ. Therefore, the entire series of websites is designed around that goal in mind.

I hope you will enjoy it for its beauty, as I have tried very hard to give you some beautiful art subjects, as well as stimulating things to think about.

I am one lonely ex-Monastic who likes people.
Thank the Lord, we're now getting some volunteers. All of you are heaven sent.
Sorry, I have not been vain enough in years to have a picture taken. I am told I have a remarkable resemblance to Friar Tuck; of cartoon fame. Remember me that way, although I am much leaner; after spending some time coming across the desert from San Diego. Yes, on foot and by thumb. Without the miracles of Christ and God, I wouldn't be here  :-)

Many of you remember me. God Bless you all for getting me home; especially the trucker who picked me up in Arizona and brought me back to the land of Toto. God Bless you, Sir.