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Searcher Foundation Communications HQ

We'll use this page to keep our customers up to date on news and events relating to our business. Thanks be to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for their greater glory.

Our business is expanding!

We are tentatively reaching out to the community to utilize this communications site as a message center/remail site - worldwide.

We are going to make this site a forms fill-in soon. At that time, or before; we will serve as a message relay site for private, not classified material. In short, if anyone out in a traveling situation would prefer to relay messages through us, they are welcome.

The service will be $20 per month for the first 20 messages relayed, then $1.20 per message or call thereafter. We must have payment in advance. Negotiate your own snail mail drop, then advise us where you want it sent. You may pay us in the same manner. Setup a snail mail site near us, and we will take care of the rest. This means you handle the expense of the snail mail sites, for us and you. This averages about 9.50 per month for each, or about $11.00

The total then would be $20 for our service.
$11.00 for yours.
Total $31.00 initial setup fees, followed
by: $20.00 per month thereafter.

WE challenge you to find a better deal anywhere! If you can, let us know; and we'll try our best to match it!

No contracts for confidential services. You may terminate the service at any time, and so might we; especially for any
spiritually offensive materials; and we reserve that right.

We are assurred by the provider, that all communications
are totally secured from any outside person.

Rev. James L. Fabert, DD
Searcher Foundation

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