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Our primary resource is people; from Staff to Students. It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of as a new Teacher/Counselor. Susie tells us she functions as a Spiritual Counselor with the Florida Penal System for the inmates there. Congratulations, Susie. You are truly demonstrating the love of Christ in action. Her specialty is ACIM. When E-Mailing her, please mention SFIU Student in your subject line; that you may receive priority.

I have another promised Teacher for us! Pam is an experienced individual with ACIM background. Welcome, Pam! Pam has requested I assign students to her at this time.

Here's another. Welcome, Maria!

Maria is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is Venezuelan, but lived most of her life in Europe, the USA and Brazil.

Since her 10th birthday, her life was directed to experiencing all she could and looking for the truth.

Listening to her inner voice, Maria never doubted that the main path was through God. Even though the Catholic religion presented her the love of Jesus, she felt that God did not punish anyone. Not leaving her background, she also decided to study Buddhism and other beliefs.

During her search, she fulfilled a course stating that nobody was guilty. This opened a path to what she was looking for. But, this path still left God aside. While studying psychology, she met with two fantastic people; two doctors who guided her to A Course in Miracles. These two teachers, guided by the Holy Spirit, put together a Psychotherapy that sets us free from our fears, sicknesses, stress and depression.

Following them for a year, she finally realized her highest wish: going to the Amazon with them, where for one month, constantly studying, she would find her own confidence in who she really was - to finally lead others to her same experience.

Other than this spiritual path, Maria taught English, French and Spanish to International companies and their Presidents; but ended, by her own choice, teaching mainly to children.

God Bless you, Maria. A very warm welcome. Maria also tells me she is studying Tibetan Medicine and spirituality.

Maria is happily married with a beautiful family.

Those who would like to study with this vivacious lady and her loving family may E-Mail her at Please place SFIU Student on the subject line of her E-Mail messages, so that you may receive priority. She teaches elsewhere as well.

I'm sure happy to have you both with us. They have solid ACIM backgrounds as Teachers of God, with other knowledge we've only begun to explore.

Yes, we're not in one place. Students, Teachers, and Counselors are not in a particular location. Many do this "on the run" while conducting busy professional lives. So far, all Staff are volunteers. I expect that situation to change soon. Thank you and God Bless to all our Benefactors!

We have a recent donation of a Compaq Computer for Administration and Teacher/Counselor use. Thank you and God Bless to our Benefactors! We still have a request log-in for this busy machine.

Work Study Programs are available for Students. We need HTML Programmers, especially. See Course Page for details, under Computer language for the Internet.

A word to all Staff, Teachers, Counselors and Students. This pioneering effort to help others, and bring Students to an ultimately fulfilled life as Ministers warms and enervates us all. I have never seen such high expectactions among all concerned. Only your future actions and mine will maintain this level of performance. We must never settle for second best. We are Teachers of God, and none are held to a higher standard. Our ethical standards must be held to that of the Christ, who said to us: "By their fruit, you shall know them." That is, by our actions, and the results of our actions. I took an oath as a Minister to do no harm, and to not indulge in "worldly" or "carnal" things, as Christ said. Our culture is not in tune with these ideals, as an aggregate. As individuals, we will find many Brothers and Sisters. Professionally, we will not indulge in political activities of any nature. If you desire to do so, perform as a free individual and Citizen, not as a Representative of SFIU. This is the reason behind my probation against statements to the Media. Let our love and our actions speak. God Bless you all. From the Love of Christ.


1. We need researchers for gleaning information off the Internet. Study and help us at the same time. Everyone wins. Nice, right? Every hour you spend on viable research, we will give you an hours credit toward your graduation. Now, I ask you, is that a good deal, or what?

2. We need HTML programmers to turn those same research notes to study materials for the students. We are always behind, and I don't have enough hours in the day. Same deal as number one on this list.

3. All that information must be cleared with the sources for permission. Lots of E-Mail Traffic.

4. The more information we turn into study materials, the less memory space we have on the computer. More memory. More Memory. ad infinitum. When we run out of memory, we need more and bigger computers, then we continue to expand the network. I need to upgrade to Linux right now. We need some databases designed, and people to do the input. See what I mean?

5. I need to train someone to take over the Admin. side of this thing, so I can spend more time teaching. Numbers one through four will give someone beaucoup experience leading toward the Administrator's position here at SFIU. My plans are to promote from within, rather than without.

6. I need to recruit and train more teachers and counselors as the demand increases. We are International now, and will be Global soon. How soon? Only God knows. We already have multi-lingual teachers. I need more.

7. Now, to the real problem. I need someone working full time to put together new businesses which will raise money to pay teachers and for infrastructure upgrades. We should not depend upon donations for our growth. The largess could stop at any time.

8. Is that enough challenges for you? If not, let's brain-storm. I'm sure we could think of some more.

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