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Personal Introduction

Genghis Khan

Rev. James L. Fabert, DD, PhD has served in the public arena for more than 30 years. He has served as President of The Alpha Group, Consultants where he was named to Who's Who International by his clients on three separate occasions. The Alpha Group specializes in the small business service arena. This practice gradually grew into the Searcher Foundation.

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The Alpha Group, Consultants Web Site

The Searcher Foundation and its adjuncts was originally formed when many asked him to help them find the peace he had found.

He responded with one of the first all electronic Ministries on the internet - Searcher Foundation Internet University - SFIU. Here, students worldwide may discuss with him their studies, and be assigned further studies at their own pace, from their own homes; at a price which anyone may afford. "Why shouldn't everyone have an education in the Lord who wants one?" You will find many spiritual insights here, from Dr. Fabert, and his students. See http://sfiu.tripod.com/index.htm for the "Home of Christ".

From the student's request, he developed a bookstore for them, with custom designed study materials. Then, he opened it to the public, where it became: Searcher Publishing Haus. - The home of electronic spiritual books.

Now, Dr. Fabert has opened his heart to all those searchers who need personal spiritual guidance. With what time he has left, his personal attention may be yours.

"I am only a conduit for His love. Being His child, that is all I need to be."

Welcome to God's peace, by Jesus, the Christ.


[By the way, the portrait is not his visage, yet. Given a few years, it should come close.]

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