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Young Tibetan Monks

Masters & Doctorate Thesis

Special Research Collections may be utilized
for Masters and Doctorate level Thesis.

Others will be approved through Counselors and the Director.

Volunteers who know HTML programming are welcome.

Students who assist in the coding will be provided with free copies and possible Fees reduction; dependent on individual Student circumstances.

Until coding is completed, all collections will be assigned as Internet research.

I. The Gutenberg Project - Apocrypha

The Gutenberg Project with the University of Pennsylvania has made available to us the Apocrypha - the missing books not provided in the KJV.

The Project comes with special tables and research sources for further study.

This is a major project for coding and will not be available until 2000+.

II. The Peshitta Collection

The Peshitta is the Aramaic Bible.

Aramaic was Jesus language when teaching his Disciples.

The language is rich in spiritual insights.

The collection includes a course in Aramaic, with references to the full Peshitta, available as a printed book only at this time.

Future projects include coding the entire Peshitta.

III. The Khabouris Collection.

The Khabouris is recognized as the oldest existing Bible. We believe it is written in Aramaic, so we may compare this one with the Peshitta.

IV. The Khabbalah Collection.

Running throughout the Bible [KJV], The Way Gospel, Peshitta and Khabouris are references to this oldest, most secret of Mystical schools and societies. With the advent of the internet, many prominent Rabbi have decided to open their doors to the world at large.

We are researching three of these societies to bring our Students the course works and insights of the Khabbalah.

This work is very new to us and somewhat confusing, but shows promise of ways to contact our Father-God we never thought possible.

This is controversial, but by all indications; Jesus was a trained Khaballah Mystic. We have the opportunity to understand more about Jesus ministry than ever before.

V. The ACIM [ A Course in Miracles ] Collection.

This is advanced course work in metaphysical applications to personal enlightenment.

Research and commentaries by participants worldwide.

Electronic and printed material available.

Highly recommended for those who desire a personal relationship with the Father-God, Jesus, the Christ and the Holy Spirit - who are One with you.

Chat with the Director about ACIM via E-Mail through This is by enrollment. They are offering the lessons; one at a time each day with others of varying experience on an international level.

An excellent opportunity for on-going interactive study. Check with for other offerings.

VI. The Merton Collection

Father Thomas Merton has provided insight to thousands who are searching for spiritual enlightenment.

Recognized by prominent researchers as a "genuine American Mystic".

His insights into the process of spiritual growth through prayer and contemplation are invaluable.

A Trappist Monk who resided in a Monastery in Kentucky, he was a very public private man.

His books are available.

Trappist Monk, Mentor, Poet and Sage.
He left us too soon.

I know the love of God will
Always surround him.

His complete works are available only as printed books, by purchase only.

VII. The Sufi Collection

Recognized as perhaps the oldest Mystical school; the Sufis advocate spiritual enlightenment through asceticism, discipline, prayer, meditation; and the Divine Love of God.

This will forever change any negative concepts you have of the Middle East.

Contact sources included for private study with the Sufis, highly recommended for advanced students who know a call to a lifetime commitment with another culture; not to be taken lightly.

VIII. The Nag Hammadi Gnostic Library and Archive.

We have recently gained access to this invaluable resource. By all appearances, these are missing journals and letters written from and about the Disciples, Jesus and perhaps Kabbalah Rabbis. For nearly 2,000 years, a large gap existed in available writings and scrolls between the inception of the riots in Jerusalem in 70 CE and two to three hundred years after. During that time, nothing. Now we have a chance to read about that period. Earlier works in apparent mythology are also included. Some are mere fragments. 17 major books from scrolls; so far. Some Archaelogists have remarked: "It's amazing what comes out of caves, if the price is high enough."

IX. The Tibetan Collection.

The 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet in exile has recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. His teachings on Divine Love and Peace seem to correspond almost exactly with that of The Christ. This collection concentrates on Tibetan Medicine, which is homeopathic in nature. Emphasis is on Herbal and Energy remedies. Prominent physicians in this country have recommended their remedies, working in conjunction with American Physicians. This is a big concession from the AMA. More importantly, Tibet has long been known as a depository for old manuscripts from all over the world. It is the understanding of the Director that many rare documents have been made available to scholars via the Dalai Lama. Tibetan physicians have been long renowned in the east for their superior abilities in energy therapy. It is understood they read the 'aura' as a diagnostic tool.

X. The Dead Sea Scrolls.

These priceless scrolls from the Essene Community have now been made available to the public. Study of Aramaic and Hebrew languages is essential to understanding this Research Collection. Lifetimes have already consumed the dedication of other Scholars in this Program. Many more professional lives will be dedicated until its completion.

The Ark of the Covenant. By all indications, many are saying the Ark of the Covenant has returned to Jerusalem. Many are saying Jerusalem is the physical and spiritual center of this world. Is this the beginning of His return? Only the Holy Spirit knows for sure. See the picture on this website. Research others. Where was the Ark since 66-74 C.E. when the Jewish Nation was virtually destroyed? Who kept it secret for that long a time? Interesting questions. Help research the answers.

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