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A Native American Shaman of the Cherokee Nation meets some Anasazi Old Ones while in a trance and receives a Vision. She and her family walk the Trail of Tears. An agonizing experience turns into love. They demonstrate Heaven, as they make the transition. The Great Spirit escorts. He is not a Native American, nor a white man. A 'channeled' experience- vision within a vision.


Have you ever waited in the cold and dark for your loved one? Relate to the agonies of loneliness, and relief as the loved one returns. Is it physical, or spiritual?


"Miracles? That's for children!" She said.
A modern day spiritual story teller gives three Miracle examples, and brings another Teacher to her destiny. Is it Miracle, or perception shift? Decide for yourself. Beauty is. This is a collage from our research files. These first two stories appeared in "The Way Project". Popularly, this is a requested sequel.


This is incidentally about the Pope of Rome. Here, He is the victim. It is a humorous incident about California ethics and mores. I know the Polish Pope of Rome has a great sense of humor; and I trust will enjoy it. It is atypical Internet humor. Everyone pokes fun at California.



The Mysterious Woman

by Kythera Ann

A personal story of a Mystic; called in to help her family through spiritual crisis. Her insights are open, candid and specific. Highly recommended for clarity, purpose and love. It reminds we have different spiritual gifts. Kythera Ann - we honor you.


VI "Where the Waters sing Your Name"
Those who live spiritual lives, from Saints to Monks and Nuns; a theme reoccurs: "The Dark Night of the Soul." The author sums his experience: "I let the One be."


VII Christ in the Monastery

This story has been around. I first received it when applying for vows. It was spiritual, ironic and funny then, and now. I have polished the characters, else it remains unchanged. The plot is this: A Monastery has fallen on hard times, and the Abbott is forced to call in some help. Those who take vows have my greatest love and respect. This story is essentially my experience, without authorship.


Do you know this is not your Home? Would you like to go Home again? This treatise introduces Holy Spirit, who has a message from The Christ; to all children killing themselves; and those who would go Home again.


In my opinion, this is the best story this year. Simply, a man who is down decides to turn his life around by going to church, and today is the day. What he finds will have you rethinking religion, and who Christ is.


X "Mr. God, this is Anna"By: Fynn.
A promise is a promise, so here are some excerpts, introducing you to this most delightful bundle of Divinity in skirts; Anna. She is innocence, love, compassion and the wisdom of an Old One. Also, one of the most competent teachers I've ever met. She is already missed, but left herself behind:
"In my middle."

I bet you can't resist buying the book, anymore than you can eat one potato chip or one hotdog. Lean back, relax, and make sure you have some kleenex. I mixed laughter with tears, and awe.

I had read it, for pleasure; then I skimmed through very quickly, looking for the "most important bits". I found my list had changed. Interesting, so I put it aside for months. My list had changed again.

I know you will have a different list. Our list seems to tell us where we are as of this moment in our spiritual growth. Try this with any spiritually oriented book you have. The phenomena should remain. The only constant is change.


XI The Challenge of Synchronicity
by Victor Mansfield
Professor of Physics and Astronomy at
Colgate University

A treatise on 'accidental' happenings, "synchronicity"; with a personal commentary.


XII Human Rights and Universal Responsibility The 14th Dalai Lama

This statement remains the most comprehensive plan for global human rights we have seen; with profound hope for mankind.


XIII Dalai Lama Peace Initiative
The Proclamation by the Nobel Committee
and Nobel Prize acceptance speech,
with the Nobel Lecture
At University Aula, Oslo,
10, 11 December 1989.

The Dalai Lama explains the Zone of Ahimsa or peace sanctuary concept, which is the central element of the Five Point Peace Plan.

This Spiritual Leader of Tibet is a true man of peace, love and good will. His suggestions for defusing the situation in Tibet and China would apply anywhere on earth. He is an example of what mankind could become.

Although a Buddhist, he is a profound example of the Christs' Mind and spiritual orientation. Christ said He would return. How about this for a cosmic joke on Western Christianity: What if He came back as a Buddhist? I can almost hear Him laughing.

Research note: Buddhism has the largest following of all the world's "religions."

The closing prayer:

For as long as space endures,
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I, too, abide
To dispel the misery of the world.


XIV KINDNESS By: The Buddha of Enlightenment

This treatise is in prose poetry form by the Founder of Buddhism - School of the East. It could be six to seven thousand years old; proving wisdom is timeless. Dare I say: The message of the Christ appears the same, as if they knew each other?


XV Kabbalah in the Western Mystery Schools - Article - Kabbalah Society (www.kabbalahsociety.org/ goddrd1.htm)

The Kabbalah were one of the oldest and most secretive of the Middle Eastern 'Mystery Schools'. With the advent of the Internet, they apparently have opened their teachings to the world.

"The Mystery Schools of the Western Tradition are those 'Schools of the Soul' who transmit the esoteric knowledge enshrined in the Wisdom literature of European culture and civilisation." - From the Preface.

It is not quite proven from our research that the Kabbalah were the instigators of the 'Bible Code', used to keep the Hebrew Spiritual Knowledge from the Romans during the insurrection of 70 C.E.; when the Jewish Nation was nearly destroyed. This information is covered in detail in 'The Way Project' research published by SFIU. It would rival any fictional adventure story.

The current attempt at humor at SFIU about 'proving' The Way Project is: "If it has white feathers, webbed feet, with a bill; and it quacks - it's a duck."

One cannot always teach respect, and have the lesson stick.


XVI Seeker of the Gentle Heart.
According to the account, this diary was taken off the body of a white man who was in company of a Native American Medicine Woman during the French-Indian Wars of 1814. It is not published as fiction. It details the legend of a mysterious white man who answers to the description of Jesus the Christ. A very haunting and beautiful story. It would seem we may have destroyed our destiny with the Native American tribes we killed. We are only now partially recouping the knowledge lost with the death of Native American cultures.


A series of Meditation and Affirmation exercises based on the Japanese Zen Koan techniques. The author is an American who took himself to the mountain and wrote these in seclusion. Follow his thoughts. A profound journey into enlightenment. Included are excerpts he took as guidelines. At the last, this note: "Let the One speak. The One Knows."

XVIII Global Renaissance Alliance

This is a rather new group of people who are seeing the possibilities of what mankind may become. They believe a "Global Renaissance" is in progress. Their Board of Directors and Members come from a wide group of persons who tout a "Global Renaissance Alliance". What they teach could make a terrific difference, if we could train enough persons to manifest this change. Our research shows that real change comes one individual at a time, yet at a certain point, a "Critical Mass" phenomenon seems to occur in persons and the laws of science in physics. They are One and the same, in my opinion. The only deterrant I can sense in their plans is their apparent reliance on political change. History has shown us political change occurs only after a profound change in perspective by many persons. Another Minister and I agree it will take 11% of all peoples. Therefore, to attempt political change first, is ultimately futile. Personally, I pray they change their emphasis.


These stories are basically military, yet show an affinity which is universal. They are a collection of bits, and have been edited for ease of reading. Their basic truth remains the same: Amid war and rumors of war; - into "peace" - love remains the only true constant.

Army Medics - Vietnam
Army Medics - Germany
Army Medics - USA


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