Our goals for life may be different from the next person's; yet similarities recur, if we're aware of certain realities.

It is our understanding we make an agreement with God before we are born upon this earth to demonstrate specific spiritual enlightenment while we are here; to learn how to return home to Father-God. We are spirit first, then body. These truths remain. Whether we accept them is our choice.

Who has not noticed how often beautiful things happen to them? Many shrug this off to 'fate', or 'kismet'; or 'blind chance'. Some superstitiously throw salt, or bless religious icons; or kiss a cross around a neck; and Thank God. Still, many say it's too complicated to know why.

Unfortunately, spectacular beauty is a rare event; due to our earth- bound perceptions of 'reality'.

Then, something so extraordinary happens to us - we are awestruck at the sheer incredulity of it all. Often; then and only then, do we start looking for answers.

An emergency happens. The event is so out of the ordinary we can't shrug it off. A life is saved, perhaps. Yours, or another who is very close to you, and loved. You sense the awe of the mystery of God.

Or, the opposite. An event occurs so out of the ordinary, all logic and normal means cannot explain.

"Why me, God?" is your cry. Real agony and often tears result.

If you are a person who has a "Type A", or "over-achiever" personality, these happenings occur so often, you become inured to the wonder; the sheer awe of life. You become desensitized, or 'jaded'; as a psychic self defense mechanism. This is the reality of much of western civilization. It is endemic in the very design and reason for being of our society - consumerism.

Within this broad range, what is "normal"?

Very early in life, "mysteries" are a fascination which demand explanation. Research and a collection is begun; looking for answers. This small effort is our collection - the demonstrated Odyssey of mankinds search for meaning.

In organized research, a very different personality was found: one who seemed "beyond the pale" of "normality." Throughout history, they have lived among us. They were 'different', and shunned by "ordinary" people.

The superstitious were fearful, saying: "What possesses them?" They were driven out of communities. Whatever 'it' was might rub off.

In prehistory, they were called "Shamans"; or "Witches" in the opposite extreme. Some societies tortured and killed these who were "stranger" than they.

Eventually, our society became more tolerant. As a catch-all label, we called them "Mystics". Who are they? What is behind their abilities? Should we fear, learn from or embrace them?

Is a new race of people coming out of our current static "design"? Are they a precursor to who we will become in the future?

The only constant is change.

Through the research, our first objective was clearly identifying the meaning of terms.

For your information - the original definition of "Mystic" is: "He who walks with God" then changed to "He who knows what is hidden" or, in modern terms: "Occult". Why was this knowledge "hidden"? Why are we so afraid of "He who walks with God"? Why was this extraordinary public relations effort made? Why did the "reformation" occur; let alone the 'Crusades'? In the Middle Ages, the 'question' was put to all who were suspect.

Throughout our history, whenever we wish to understand something important, we trace who benefits. In short, the "money" trail. Who benefitted by killing these people by torture and worse? Apparently, only the 'established church'. In reality, Father Thomas Merton, and Mother Teresa; to name only two - belie that verdict. They were Theurgy, and successfully so; in modern times.

The entire history of 'Religion' has been beset by cruelty of the highest order. The ignorant, like the poor; will always be with us. We human beings seem to take great delight in harming others. We know the reason behind these apparent dichotomies: Our sense of belief in separation from God.

In modern day terms: the ego. The ego resides in our animal brain stem, and should be replaced with our divine humanity - the 'Divine Relationship'.

We have the ability to train ourselves to achieve our highest good. At no time in history has more been known about human motivation; and how we might achieve successful change. Of course, we retain the choice, as a guarantee of God. Our affirmation is: "Choose, Choose from good. Choose from God." God said: "All is Good." Our task is to accept this injunction; and live it.

Of course, most "witches" were women. Their counterpart of the male variety were called "warlocks". We have firmly established "witchcraft" is an illusion of the 'ego' in modern terms. Apparently, ignorance was the primary cause of the torture death by fire of many.

In the terms of Jesus the Christ: "By their fruit you shall know them." We here at SFIU do not "know them", nor do we have any desire to. Jesus asked us to forgive. Therefore, we will accomplish this task by the standards of ACIM: we will not accept their perfidy as reality. We will let God perform whatever act He so desires in curing their apparent illness.

Now, as Director of a 'different' University; myself and other Teachers have started a serious research project. We looked for commonalities across history. Not differences, but those points where we could cross-culturally and spiritually agree. We dubbed it 'The Way Project', from the phrase commonly found throughout the research.

For your information: we are a rather unique Facility. All coursework leads toward self-development, subsequently teaching others to teach the result. Totally Internet based, we have access to all knowledge; all wisdom; the Internet. The greatest library in the history of mankind.

Staff and Teachers are hand-picked. They have one commonality: genuine love for their fellow human beings. Even more surprising; They have replaced "talking about it", with action. Successful people in their endeavors, none of them are paid. They are all volunteers, and work part-time.

Where do I find them? They are your neighbors, your coworkers, your friendly waitress. Perhaps even someone in your family?

No, most are designated by their families as "Black Sheep"; until they learn to hide who they are, for survival. Even now, being different can be tantamount to a death sentence. If you do not believe this truth, look at how we still treat those who have different color pigmentation, or lifestyle than our own.

Too many of our neighbors are bitter, lonely people. We abhor the sight of pain in others. In truth, they are our brothers and sisters, under God. If we love them, we love ourselves, and vice versa.

We should be negative, but resolve to not join them. Any who may desire to know the 'secrets' of happiness and joy may join us. We will no longer obey the ancient decision to remain 'hidden'. If our society has not matured enough to accept goodness when they see it; so be it. Happiness is to be shared, or we who have it will lose it. That is the basic law of the Universe.

A six year old young lady helped me once, through her wisdom: "People aren't really bad, ducks. They have no place for their good to go." Cockney toddler as Mystic; full of love and forgiveness. She had been abandoned on a London dock, and her body didn't look good with bruises. All she needed was: "A hot dog?" "You love me?" Who can say no? Don't forget the kleenex.

You can read about her extraordinary life through her friend: Fynn; in "Mr. God, this is Anna"; plus a sequel. I will try to feature some excerpts in this collection. Anna surely has her wings by now.

We help by teaching others to help themselves, then others. For physical support, we give referrals. We neither pass free money, nor are we psychologists. We are labeled as spiritual counselors, teachers and Theurgy. We have learned to replace the ignorance of labels with truth. Labels confirm nothing but the inherant prejudice and ignorance of the individual lazy enough to use them.

How to define wisdom, and do away with labels? Observe what 'it' is not. You still won't have enough information, so suspend judgement. But, it is the beginning of wisdom, understanding, and love.

The research indicated a ready formula for murder without killing someone physically: Deny them simple affection. Their psyches shrivel up and hide. Babies die from this, spontaneously. Teenagers use drugs and kill each other. The average person becomes more and more bitter until they either suicide or provoke someone else into doing it for them. Older citizens manage to find an accident. It matters not if they actually receive affection. It is their perception which causes the problem. Any of us may be lonely in a crowd, if our minds let us. It is our perception of 'reality' which perpetuates ignorance.

We looked down all of recorded history; through all cultures - worldwide. I believe we have found a solution to today's crisis of violence dependence with knowledge from the past.

Do you really want to be happy? Read on, if you want a glimpse into the future of mankind. You will hopefully rethink your concepts of "reality". Sotto voice, we are asking a very daring thing: become who you are; not what some cultures demand.

We are The Searcher Foundation. With new techniques for training our bodies and minds; we wanted to know how far we might be able to go, in helping others. Is mankind going to survive, as a cultural environment? Should it? Our potential is vast. So are our liabilities.

Great strides have been made in the physical sciences, yet our ability to get along together has not changed demonstrably. Some say we will destroy ourselves. We see a ray of hope. We need a "better way". This research points "The Way".

We promise you hope - and solutions you may learn; to teach another. Modestly, that's what we do. We're not Gurus, nor Saviors. Neither genius, nor idiot. Just like you. Has someone seen the 'perfect' pills? We never can find them.

We've looked throughout the Internet to define: what did and does it mean to be a 'Theurgist', as we acknowledge? The Jewish 'Mystery School' {No longer much of a 'Mystery', since they're all over the Internet.} Kabbalah, the originators of the Bible Code and the Torah - precursor to the KJV - came closer to accomplishing this task than anyone else we've found. Their comments on Theurgy are appropriate: "It is the 'Divine Work' - the work that the Divine undertakes in the soul of the individual. For a man or woman cooperating with God in this work, 'Theurgy' is a valid path of sanctification."
{Ref. 'Kabbalah in the Western Mystery Schools' www.kabbalahsociety.org/ goddrd1.htm.}

We know "Magic" to be an illusion of the mind and ego. Therefore, we do not agree with some of their conclusions. Shamanism, for instance: is likely; but not proven to be: early Theurgy.

Black Eagle, the last Sioux 'Medicine Man' at the Battle of the Big Horn; was observed to pray for rain to "The Great Spirit" in front of witnesses, and succeed! Thus, ipso facto; Custer never had a chance; a valid commentary to our Native American policy of that time. "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword." God's justice.

As Gen. George S. Patton observed after his Chaplain prayed for clear weather and succeeded before the heroic rescue of the 101st at Bastogne: "That man is right with God; and I'm going to decorate him." So was George, and when his task was finished, God brought him home by an accident; proving George did not "live by the sword". George, too; was a Theurgist. After serving with his Son, I can personally vouch for him, as well. A fine officer, without apparent fear.

Black Eagle's decoration was a long life, with several progeny. "The Great Spirit" brought him home; too; without violence - in his sleep.

The beautiful art used in this electronic book is with permission of Jonathon Earl Bowser. Enjoy his major works at www.jonathonart.com. Other works found in the public domain are used as well.

Personally, let's put our feet up, and get acquainted. Call me Doc. My friends do. Real name Jim. I am the "Director" of people I'm very proud of, and a PhD in "Spiritual Counseling" - that means: "Piled Higher and Deeper". Heard any new ones lately? Let's share. New material is hard to come by. I put a few in here, to break the serious up, and help them laugh at themselves. But, "if you can't laugh about it, you just can't laugh about it," right? Thanks, Dad. {That's his joke.}

Dad always said: "Get civilized." and: "You got three problems, boy. You're young, dumb and full of something you'll find out about later." I think I was thirteen at the time, with a crush on the next door neighbor girl. Dad told jokes with the straightest face I'ver ever seen. Took me years to figure that one out; then I couldn't stop laughing. Truth bites, but lets you see yourself without judgment; with humor. Now my boys are the same way. Humor levels all apparent inequities.

If you need to reach us, we use E-Mail exclusively, and anonymously. You may as well. We don't need your demographics, just your E-Mail address, and your relevent bio. Real names unnecessary.

We've found that people will talk to someone they can't see more often than someone they know. I'm legally Ordained, as are the Counselors; and most of the Teachers; so communications are legally, spiritually; and morally; "privileged communication". Click on this when you are in your Internet browser, and the link is active, or use jlfabert@email.com .

It's the only one who lets me stack messages taller than that pile I mentioned earlier.

Simply place the data on your subject line in as few words as possible: "Counseling", for instance; or "Courses info." or - well, you see what I mean. That way, we can place a priority before we call it up. That helps a bunch when you're looking at fifty to a hundred messages per day. In affirmation: God is blessing you.

Since no one values anything "free"; we appreciate your donations, so you may feel like you got a good deal. What value is happiness, anyway?

While you're grokking and grooving on the entertainment, beautiful women, good feelings and fine art; please ask yourself some questions. That is, if you really want to become a fully realized human being. If not, we are sorry we didn't provide you a book with paper, so you can use it for other purposes, like the old Sears catalog on the farm. Since you can't do that, make sure you wash your hands after. :--D {Human bean have loong nose. ugh!} See! A little bit of laughing at yourself didn't hurt a thing, did it?

1. Who am I?

2. Where am I going?

3. How am I going to get there?

4. When I get there, what am I going to do?

5. How am I going to act?

6. Who am I going to be?

7. The choices are yours.

8. If someone said: "Be happy. Nothing can stop you!"
And You know it's true. What would you do?

You don't have to answer to me. I'm suspending the test for life. Life and The Christ within us all - love without limits; is the teacher, with something I'll tell you about later.

Here are some guidelines to think about:

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