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FRC Commends State Department for New Report on Sex Trafficking

"We applaud the administration for responding to those who
strongly objected to the past policies of the Clinton
administration," said FRC's Connie Mackey.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the 2003 Trafficking in Persons
(TIP) Report was released in a press conference conducted
by Secretary of State Colin Powell, Under Secretary of
State Paula Dobriansky, and the Director of the Trafficking
in Persons office, John Mueller. Family Research Council's
(FRC) Vice President for Government Affairs, Connie Mackey,
attended the event and commended the State Department for
its work on this important issue.

"We applaud the administration for the TIP Report, and for
responding to the extraordinary efforts on the part of
non-governmental agencies who strongly objected to the past
policies of the Clinton administration," FRC's Mackey said.
"Today's press conference and the TIP Report reflect months
of hard work on the part of many to turn around official
policy from one of legalized prostitution as an answer to
the trafficking in persons problem throughout the world, to
the compassionate policies of helping women and children
out of their helpless situations.

"FRC advocates strong sanctions and punitive action against
those offending nations that turn a blind eye to the misery
forced upon the victims of sex trafficking, and we give
kudos to the Bush administration for recognizing the
failure of past policies, as well as for demonstrating a
compassionate change," said Mackey.

At the State Department event, Secretary Powell said, "The
Annual Trafficking in Persons Report is about modern day
slavery and slave trading. It is appalling that in the
twenty‑first century, hundreds of thousands of women,
children and men made vulnerable by civil conflict, dire
economic circumstances, natural disasters or just their own
desire for a better life are trafficked and exploited for
the purposes of sex or forced labor."

"Secretary Powell's comments remind us of the work that
remains to be done against sex trafficking," said Mackey.
"We will continue to work with the administration to ensure
that our government's policies are both compassionate and
effective in ending this horrible practice."