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Loss & Risk Management Consultants


Searcher Foundation Security

Are you having loss problems within your business?
Do you need a credit check run on someone you would like to do business with?
We trace missing persons, due to the strong requests from persons requesting services from Project Bluelight, which specializes in locating missing children and the elderly.
These and many other services are now performed electronically. We now have access to several thousand databases which verify information for business and personal reasons.
A complete list of our services are listed elsewhere on this website.
Our remittance matches competitor services, but we know our personal regard for you will meet or exceed any other.
Christian business principles ensure your satisfaction.
Your E-Mails will be held in the strictest confidence.
Our internal business structure meets or exceeds intelligence guidelines.

Transportation is a bit difficult, so please respond using email. We try not to use unsecured voice communications; and do not recommend you do so either.

You may e-mail us at:

Please submit any tip or information you might have on outstanding cases. However, this is an unsecured access.

Message to Webmaster:

Would you like to submit case information? This is for your convenience and is secured for your confidentiality. Of course, you may also submit using a secured E-Mail service to either of our E-Mail addresses.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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