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Tired of being a target for pornographers?

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I've been concerned for many years now about the increasing prevalence of pornography in our lives and on the Internet. On-line business is the last true frontier in computing. So far, the rules are few and far between. Done with honor and consideration for others, it has the potential for the greatest event in the history of mankind.
However, along with the good comes something else which really has no label. It can only be known by what it accomplishes.
Research has shown direct connections from pornography to inter-family abuse on all levels - spiritual, emotional and physical. The incidents of violence within our most private areas - our homes - has risen to a level unsurpassed by past acitivites.
Spousal abuse has risen exponentially. Child abuse has kept pace with it. Now our children are being abducted from our homes and public places for sexual exploitation. Children are then murdered - thrown away like used kleenex. Enough is enough!
We consider the sexual exploitation of children to be the next area of terrorism which needs to be addressed by Law Enforcement. Strong words? Yes. Consider: our children are our future. Without them, we have no future, and deserve none.
Solutions? Yes. They are two-fold. Education and Exposure. Educating parents and Law Enforcement with Exposure of the perpetrators.
If you have an email account you are deluged with Porn operators who force their wares upon you. What can we do? With the current technology, 95% of the emails we receive may be traced back to the purveyors.
Our solution-print those traces for the world to see.
We urge parents who do not have the technical ability to submit the emails sent to them. We will perform the trace and publish our findings. Your name and email address will be held in the closest confidence.
Yes, even this simple solution costs money and time. Your donations are appreciated. Submission of your information will assure you have the option: if you wish to donate, a private address will be provided.

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