Pay Forward
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How many of you have invested in an expensive education to receive the one "right" career?
Have you arrived?
Is it everything you wanted - or is it a nightmare?
Most employers realize keeping their personnel happy and involved with their business is a never-ending struggle. Ours is a highly mobile society. Too many have yet discovered the secrets of success:
The Universe works from a finite set of rules or 'laws'. When our actions fit within those rules, our future is secure. If not, nothing we try is successful.
This is heralded as "The Information Age".
As prospective employees, you require all the knowledge necessary of the firm you have chosen to share your future.
One of the greatest laws of all is "Share what you have learned".
Businesses are successful when they meet as many needs as possible of all concerned. Is this possible? To a marked degree, yes.
Is perfection necessary? No. Be the best you may possibly be, each and every day.
Can we afford to compete? We believe the answer is NO! We must learn to cooperate, not provoke.
This site is dedicated to sharing knowledge and information of those firms who are a virtual nightmare to work with. We also need to name those businesses who are observing those "Laws of the Universe" which will make them successful, long years into the future.