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Here we go again!

I've heard some new ones lately, so here goes.


This first one is about a Yiddish Physician I know who has been taking care of the needs of his favorite Rabbi for a long time.

The Physician was cleaning out his office preparatory to his retirement; and realized he had a large bottle of foreskins from all the circumcisions he had done in his lifetime. The Doctor was the type of man who kept everything. His personality was really struggling with him this time. What could he do with them? He couldn't just throw them out. That was unthinkable.

So, he prayed about it. Then, it was like a message from God. After all the strange things of his past, he remembered about the personal things made from the Jews during the war. For some reason; he found forgiveness about those abominations. Then, he got the giggles thinking about what he was going to do.

First, he called up his friend, the tanner. "Moshe", he said. "I need a favor".

"Sure", Moshe the tanner said: "You know that. Anything."

So, he explained to his friend Moshe, the tanner; and Moshe got the giggles too.

"But, my friend"; Moshe said. "Some people don't have your sense of humor. You're going to make some enemies from this. Oy, Veh; what a mess."

"Well, I've got to do something. OK, on to business. Tell me, could you make me some luggage to take on my retirement cruise? I'd really appreciate it. I need a full set for me and my wife."

"OK," Moshe said. "You'll have them in about a month."

"Hey, that's great. Mazoltof to you, my old friend."

"By the way," Moshe said. "I'll dispose of those things for you. Bring them over." So he did.

A month later, to the day; the Doctor picked up his luggage from his old and dear friend; Moshe.

"Doctor, I have a surprise for you. Look at your beautiful luggage!" Moshe put a small, beautifully tanned; silky feeling briefcase on the counter between them."

"My, that is beautiful work, Moshe. I don't know how you do it!" The Doctor exclaimed. "But where is the rest of the luggage?"

Moshe laughed out loud, until he had to hold onto his sides. "You won't believe it!" He finally gasped. "All you have to do is rub it."

The doctor did, and there was his full set of luggage. Instant luggage via his foreskin collection.

{My apologies to any of my Jewish friends without a sense of humor. I've often found the best ways to release things to God is with humor.}



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