The Master Teacher praying in the Garden at Gethsemane.

I empathize with His dilemma. I often wonder what I'm doing this for. I'm certainly not in His league. Then, I remember: He asked me to. He is the only source of real love I've ever found. I couldn't say no.

Hello. Welcome, fellow child of God. My formal name is Rev. James L. Fabert, DD. My friends call me 'Doc' or sometimes 'Professor'; if they're real hung up on Titles. Labels are rather self-limiting; don't you know?

This is a personal web page for myself and my students. We have not submitted to a search engine, so you are either one of my Students, or you have encountered this personal page by accident.

Someone has reminded me there are no accidents. I bow to that wisdom. If you have not entered into an agreement with me as a Student; I must remind you, this is not a school. I have come to that point in my life where I am very selective.

Life is too short to be involved in anything but the Peace of God. If that is your desire, I will inform you I am an Ordained Minister who tutors spiritual searchers and those who are preparing for the Ministry. My teachings are based on the Love of God and Christ, with the Holy Spirit in combination as your ultimate teachers. That's it. If you want religions, use It searches all the search engines. Use a word or phrase. It sure saves me a lot of research time.

I often pass along bits of Wisdom provided by my Teachers and Mentors; who are near legion at my age. To all I owe a tremendous debt; which I repay as a mentor and tutor to those who want what I have for them. Not very fancy, is it? Well, I'm not either. I'm semi retired. Old enough to not care what anyone thinks about me, but young enough to want to share beautiful things with friends.

In that vein, I am one of those 'strange' individuals who has no further need for man-made religion, so you won't be 'preached' at. I'm a teacher, not a preacher. My entire career has been as a 'nerd' 'yuppie' consultant to small businesses. I teach spiritual principles, and how they apply to business. Of course, these principles apply to life. The search for personal happiness seems to apply to most of us. I found this nebulous thing called 'happiness' through the Master Teacher.

I know if I don't share it, I don't keep it. Are you looking for it too? Well, I share it; but not for free. 'Free' has no value in this culture; so I ask for donations. It certainly doesn't make me rich. I use questions and challenge, mixed with a little humor. It works, so why fix it?

My Dad used to say: "I give away my lint, but I charge for the box and the ribbon." He was from Arkansas, and his humor has a definite flavor. "So, if you can't laugh about it, you just can't laugh about it." See what I mean? Best straight man I ever saw. He never cracked a smile.

I digress. Mea Culpa. Well, if you aren't one of my Students; do you want to be? It's up to you. End of the sales pitch; which never was.

I still know a lot of teachers who take on Students. If my style is not yours, here are some pretty nice people who might take you on.


Maria at speaks several languages, was born in Venezuela; and teaches ACIM to young people; primarily children. She's a mother with children, guys. If you want to learn about ACIM, drop her a line. Anything else will get you a null answer. She is very sensitive to anyone who is not 'true' in the Spirit of God. Since she's been involved in ACIM since the beginning; she's the best in my book. Good people.

Pam is another old One. She's real private, and will only accept references from me. Most of us are getting older, and no longer have anything to prove. Pam ranks next to Maria, in my book.

Susie says she's too busy right now. She does some heroic work with the penal system; and has my greatest respect. God Bless, Susie.

There are many others. These come immediately to mind as the best I know personally.


If it's OK, I'd like to share some of that beauty I was talking about. I flatter myself I'm still creative. Some ego, huh? Remember the old one: "Do like I say and not like I do." Yep, still a good concept.

My all time favorite saying:

"He who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak."

My translation is: "He who speaks at the wrong time does not know."

Is that Ancient laughter ringing, from the 4th Century - China? It is from the Tao; By: Lao-Tse, if I recall correctly. Some gate guard wouldn't let him leave. So, he ransomed his way out of China with some 'wisdom' and 'humor'. Personally, I think he played with the Guard's head. More laughter. What do you think? I like it. Terrific joke book.

This is priceless. My colleague Bob at calls 'Belief Systems' - "B.S." Way to go, Bob! I put mine on flowers, too.

To clarify, B.S. is: Most who 'believe' in 'Religion', 'Belief Systems'; stories about personal bravery told by the hero; The 'media' in all its forms, buraucrats of any stripe, and the real thing from the south end of bovines. If you can think of more, let me know.

You've probably realized by now I'm not very pious. Too busy having fun. Being pious is only one more ego trip. When you've done it already; who cares about ego? Only those who haven't done it yet. I'll leave it to you young people. It's your turn.

Oh, yeah. A very special definition for ego: Those who believe they are separate from God.


1. The Way Gospel notes.

Research on my favorite subject; the original Gospel of Jesus.

2. The Way Collection.

Research which validates the Gospel.

3. Resources.

Hints, tips; good stuff for my Tutored Students. I love teaching too much to give it up. It's still teaching me, so keep it quiet, OK?

4. Research Excerpts

These are short takes and notes my students seem to like, and I do too.

5. Donation Info.

Hey, if it's free, you won't want it.

6. Client Consulting Stuff.

The Alpha Group.

I've been doing this a long time, too. Can't resist keeping my hand in.

7. The Searcher Publishing Home

I got tired of all the rejections, so I started one of my own; for myself and all those budding young writers who need a chance. I don't reject much, but if it gets too heavy, I may have to. So, I'm selective here, too. Only family material, please. A very special deal, so look twice.


I know. Everyone's got one. They're like opinions, and a few other things character keeps me from mentioning. I know; but I keep trying to be better.

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