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Air Forces Preface

Stealth Preface, Directory and Gallery
Lockheed/CIA - The U-2. First Recon. Jet.
Air Force SR-71 "Blackbird" Recon.
Air Force F-117 "Nighthawk" Stealth Fighter-Bomber
Air Force B-2 "Spirit" Bomber Gallery
Navy A-12 "Avenger" Gallery


Air Force B1B "Lancer" Bomber Gallery
Air Force B-2 "Spirit" Bomber Gallery


Navy and Marine F-14 Gallery
Air Force, Navy, Marine F-15 Gallery
Air Force F-16 Gallery
Navy and Marine F-18 Gallery
Air Force F-22 "Raptor"


Air Force AC-130 "Spectre".
"Puff, The Magic Dragon"


AF Ret. Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager and his P-51. The first man to break the sound barrier. Former Ace and Test pilot.

Army Preface

Army Medics, U.S.A.

Army Medics, Vietnam

Army Medics, Germany

You will see many quotations here from 'civilians' who share the love we have. This collection has amazed me with the affinity we hold. We are One. Why was I surprised? May the bridge be traveled, frequently.

"The only constant is love, and I sure do love these birds".

truth you
speak has no past
and no future.

It is,
and that's all it
needs to be.

--- Richard Bach,
Fighter Pilot, Author of


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