casd.jpg "Please let me return Home to You?"

Imagine for a moment I AM the Holy Spirit of God.
I cannot be seen by your physical eyes,
only perceived in your heart; where you love.
Found within is a message from the spirit of the Christ,
who is love.
In Him I AM well pleased.
He has always been with you, as have I.
From time to time, we find it necssary
to get your attention for an important message.
This is necessary; for too many do not listen.
Do we have your attention?

With this message, may I return home to you?

You are All my love. You are my children. You are loved.

This message is dedicated to our young people,
who are killing each other. Students of SFIU.

There is a course where you will learn
how to live, not die.

It is not taught in your public schools.

It is not taught in most of your Churches.

We know of nothing better.

We are telling you about it,

in the prayer you will take it
upon yourselves to learn it;

so you may live.

Because, we love you.

You are our hope, our future.

We know we have left you
with a world

which is not yours.

We know that. Neither is it ours.

Forgive us, please; and live.

Please, blame not yourselves.

As you blame not others.

This message does not come from a Church.

It does not come from a Bible.

It does not come from a Religion.

We believe it comes from The Christ,

Our loving Brother,

Who is never far away--

"My Brothers and Sisters",

"This world you seem to live in is not home to you.
It is here with me."

"And somewhere in your mind you know this is true."

"A memory of home keeps haunting you,
as if there were a place that called you to return."

"Although you do not recognize the voice,
nor what it is the voice reminds you of."

"Yet still you feel an alien here,
from somewhere all unknown."

"Nothing so definite you could say
with certainty you are an exile here."

"Just a persistent feeling,
sometimes not more than a tiny throb,
at other times hardly remembered,
actively dismissed,
but surely to return
to your mind and soul again."

"Yet some try to put by their suffering
in games they play to occupy their time,
and keep their sadness from them."

"Others will deny they are sad,
and do not recognize their tears at all.…"

"I speak today for everyone
who walks this world,
for you are not at home."

"Father God made your world
as a place of love."

"The choice of keeping it is yours."

"Here in your world I,
the Son of God;
ask not too much,
but far too little."

"Your first lesson is this:
Love each other as you love your selves.
Your egos require this,
that you may be able to love."

"Your second lesson is this:
I ask you to love each other;
as I have loved you, with no limits at all."

"Your insistence on restricting this to the physical
is the primary source of your misunderstandings."

"This level of love
cannot be found
from any other source."

"Neither physical relationships
nor chemicals will help you."

"Now you need to help each other.
Study together.
Learn from one another."

"You have much to do
before you return Home,
whether now or long ahead
in your time. "

"You may visit Me
whenever you love."

"The Holy Spirit will direct you
so as to avoid pain,
with your only source of truth."

"The problem is not whether
what the Holy Spirit says is true,
but whether you want to listen
to what the Holy Spirit says."

"Surely no one would object
to this goal of love and peace
if they recognized it."

"What is joyful to you
is painful to the ego,
and as long as you are in doubt
about what and who you are,
you will be confused
about joy and pain."

"No learning is acquired by anyone
unless they want to learn it
and believe in some way they need it."

"And this motivation for learning
comes from your experiences
of unhappiness and pain,
and your fervent desire
to be free of them;
not just the uncomfortable symptoms,
but their ultimate cause,
for only then can you be truly free."

"Tolerance for pain may be high,
but it is not without limit."

"Eventually everyone begins to recognize:
there must be a better way."

"As this recognition becomes
more firmly established,
it becomes a turning-point in your lives."

"This event ultimately
reawakens spiritual vision,
that which you may see
with your knowing
- this moment -
at the same instant
weakening your investment
in physical sight,
and the cares of this world."

"The alternating investment in the two
levels of perception is
usually experienced as conflict,
which can become very acute."

"But your knowing outcome
is as certain as God, the Father;
Who loves you."

"In looking at the 'special physical relationships'
of this world, it is necessary first to realize ---
They involve a great amount of pain."

"Anxiety, despair, guilt and attack
in all its forms enter into it."

"Fear not, for I am with you."

"Can you not see
if you do not love one another,
you will kill one another?"

"Under God's Universal design,
this means you who kill will also be killed."

"You must repeat the error
until you have learned its lessons.
Is this what you want? Of course not."

"Choose Love and Peace instead."

"As a loving Brother
I am deeply concerned
with your mind and soul,
and urge you to follow
my example as you
look at yourself
and at your
brothers and sisters."

"See in them the glorious creations
of a glorious Father; as are you.
You are One with Me,
my Father and Mother,
in love; as are they.
We are your first and last family."

"We will never leave you nor forsake you.
You need but ask for Me in the stillness;
the peace and love of your mind and soul."

"I will come to you,
to remind you of who you are;
and of home; and love;
until you become as I Am."

Then, the Father will bring you home;
with the end of time as you know it.
The home we have for you is beyond your imagination.
The love you learn here is not to be compared
to the high level of love We have for you."

I am here for you, until the end of time.

The Christ.

Please accept these gifts:

"To avoid trouble, you just not be there, yes?"

Zen Master.

"Now, hear the Voice of God..."

"Who will guide you, and
give you the choice of love or fear."

"Choose. Choose from Love.
For that is what you are in
the reality of My love."

"Now we ask: how to focus our minds,
and when to come to God in the stillness,"

"Asking for God's points to view
and God's perfect vow:

"I love you,
until the end of time."

From SFIU - The Course.

This poem is dedicated to those Students who cannot speak.

"Where the Waters sing Your Name"

"Dear Father God,"

"This is not my home."

"I know my home,"

"It is with You."

"I miss You to the depths of my soul,"

"Oh, God; It hurts without You!"

"I have miles to go before I Wake;"

"And miles to go before I Sleep."

"Oh, Please? Let me return Home to You;"

"Where the waters sing Your Name?"

"Oh, God."

"Who am I?"

"Oh. Thank you, Father-God !"

"I Am One, with You."

This Poem is dedicated to our future:


"The day will come when, after harnessing space,
the winds, the tide and gravitation,
we shall harness for God the energies of love."

"And on that day, for the second time
in the history of the world,
we shall have discovered fire."

---Tielhard de Chardin--
14th Century, France

This message is going out over the Internet.

We feel like John, Jesus' cousin:
"A voice crying in the wilderness".

All we can do is try.

We all have sons and daughters out there
for they are us.

Who knows if the effort is worth it?
Even if One can be saved?
Is One enough?

To those who don't consider yourselves Students:

We are not trying to assume your responsibilities.

All our experience tells us young people
are not listening to you.

They are listening to each other.

We love them as you do.

We are all God's Children.

Whether or not you agree -
we love you too.

Let's put aside
our apparent differences
and try this.
It is well known;
with study groups worldwide;
for many years.

What have we got to lose?
More Students?
No, we are not being "smart",
in your vernacular.
We are too blinded by our tears.
Is that clear?

In all our history,
we've never developed
a way for us all
to live and love together.

Now, it is here.

It combines psychology and the love of God, as an experience we all can share.

This love can not be between us.
It must come from God,
And we must ask for it.
"Ask, and you shall receive."

It is not physical.

It is neither a religion, nor a cult.

In our opinion, it does not violate the 'law'
against mixing 'church and state'.

Jesus said: "Let that which belongs to Caeser be Caeser's. That which belongs to God is God's."

Church and State are Caeser's.

God cannot be separated from us.

We know this course works.
It is love, as we are.

Could we gather and learn together?
"Know the truth, you will be the truth,
and truth will make you free."

The Internet will allow us to do that.

The choice is ours.
God loves us enough
to give us the choice.

We know what the lack of love can do, as do you.

Choose. Please choose from love?

Let us pray:
Our Father, who art in Heaven.
We will help one another, in your love;
We are your children. Amen.

The Students of SFIU.

If we may help further, E-Mail us at SFIU:

or check the course out yourselves.

Appropriately, it is called
"The Way Gospel of Jesus, the Christ";
for miracles are apparently needed.
We have tried everything else.

This Gospel is free! It is the book Jesus used.

Why? Because he is the book. :-)

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