Searcher Publishing Haus began in 1980 with initial contributions, which were Study Aids as Electronic Texts for a private educational entity; SFIU; Searchers of spiritual enlightenment and Student Ministers.

This effort is Trans-Denominational; the original wisdom teachings which formed many of the world's "religions".

The Publisher is a Universalist Minister and Teacher who serves as private tutor for these Students.

Every effort has been made to maintain a resource for persons of all "faiths".

The Publisher's Home Church and School of Ordination are ordaining Ministers at a rate unheard of in the history of the world. The need for spiritual material for Ministers and the public is near overwhelming.

The demand for these materials has spread to the private sector. These Electronic Books are now available to the public as a fund raising effort to support the teaching Ministry. Donations are requested. Rates for persons with special needs and multiple copies will be considered on an individual basis.