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'Medics' play a special role in the military. They are the universal 'fixer' for all concerned. A bridge between Officer and Enlisted. Often wearing many hats, they serve as Father Confessor if no Chaplain is available, and Big Brother for new soldiers.

In the Army of Vietnam they were usually next to an officer, beside his radioman.

The VC paid them the highest accolade by placing them number three on their sniper's target list, after officers and radiomen. They knew war more intimately than most. Anyone who slandered the medic usually earned a 'fat lip', but not from the medic. Any soldier will tell you the medic earned more medals than many soldiers, yet seldom received them. His 'heroics' were expected. Picked by testing; Trained in field and clinical trauma medicine; pharmacology and surgery, they served as PA's to Physicians; a right hand and colleague to Nurses. No corresponding civilian position exists.

'Peacetime' was only slightly different. We still fought ignorance, among ourselves, the Officer Corps, and the civilians. We found a lot of love there, too.

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