Applications to the
- SFIU - Undergraduate Program

Are you ready to enroll? You've come to the right place.

You either have leanings toward Administration, Pure Research, or you are one of our Students who have decided to transfer to the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. You might wish to augment your current program with business skills for your ministry.

If you are one of our Students, you must be feeling disappointed or exhilarated. Which, I do not know. No matter your reason, I and everyone else on Staff welcome you with open arms. You have been prayed for.

I have more work study programs for your school than any other. You could nearly work your way through at this point, if you wouldn't mind helping us while studying? Let me give you an idea:

1. We need researchers for gleaning information off the Internet. Study and help us at the same time. Everyone wins. Every hour you spend on viable research, we will give you an hours credit toward your graduation.

2. We need HTML programmers to turn those same research notes to study materials for the students. We are always behind, and I don't have enough hours in the day. The same agreement pertains as number one on this list.

3. The information must be cleared with sources for permission. Considerable E-Mail Traffic.

4. The more information we turn into study materials, the less memory space we have on the computer. More memory. More Memory. ad infinitum. When we run out of memory, we need more and bigger computers, then we continue to expand the network. I need to upgrade to Linux right now. We need some databases designed, and people to do the input. See what I mean?

5. I need to train someone to take over the Admin. side of this thing, so I can spend more time teaching. Numbers one through four will give someone beaucoup experience leading toward the Administrator's position here at SFIU. My plans are to promote from within, rather than without.

6. I need to recruit and train more teachers and counselors as the demand increases. We are International now, and will be Global soon. How soon? Only God knows. We have multi-lingual teachers; and need more.

7. Now, to the real problem. I need someone working full time to put together new businesses which will raise money to pay teachers and for infrastructure upgrades. We should not depend upon donations for our growth. The largess could stop at any time.

8. Is that enough challenges for you? If not, let's brain-storm. I'm sure we could think of some more.

This is an opportunity to become one of us. Most of the others will go on to their own Ministries. We need you right here, if you like us, and we like you.

Do you like the idea of being a pioneer; or is conservative security your most fervent desire?

Hey, Great! You need to forward the same information as is requested on the application for Minister Teachers. This is duplicated on this Contract.

You must be able to speak to and understand Ministerial Students. There is no better way to do that than take some classes with them. You are One, with different skills. Basics remain the same.

Further, I need a full resume. You are applying for Staff positions as they come open, and we have several open right now. The only thing holding you back is you.

God will bless you.


Rev. James L. Fabert

Founder, SFIU

Doctor of Divinity

Please use this Contract and page copy as your guide in composing your message to us for your enrollment. You may attach it to your email, as a separate file, if you prefer. Please Mark the subject line: "Enrollment Dissertation". We require a small dissertation on why you wish to become a Student with us. We are very selective in the Students we accept, so this dissertation is very important to your enrollment. It will be good practice for you, as all classes are by dissertation.

You might feel more comfortable paying fees monthly, with your course donation either in advance or as you graduate. Your may also break the total payment down monthly, as equal payments until the total is paid. I don't believe any other Institute of higher learning will match this offer. You must so stipulate your method on this form.

You may print this form out and include it with your Donation. You will not be enrolled until receipt is made of both items. You may transfer the amount and this form by Postal Service, Courier, wire and/or electronic transfer to:

Rev. Susie Rock,

Date of Transmission: __ /__ /__.
Please fill this in as you forward it to us. Thank you.

Date of receipt on arrival at SFIU: __ /__ /__.
We will accomplish this upon receipt.

1. Your full Name for contract purposes.

2. Your E-Mail Address.

3. Your Mailing Address.

4. Your Chosen School of Study. Please check which applies.
Minister Teacher {__}.
Business Administration. {__}.

List your courses chosen after discussion with your Counselor via E-mail or telephone.

A. List the Total amount of Donation for Fees.

B. List the Total amount of Donation for Courses.

C. We require a deposit or tithe of 10% of the total
of A and B. Thank You. May God Bless you.

{If under age 21, your parents and/or Guardian must fill in this information.}

I hereby agree to pay my fees Donation monthly, with my course Donation:

A. Paid in Advance. [__] Please Check.

B. Paid Pro Rata {In equal payments monthly until paid.} [__] Please Check.

C. Paid upon Graduation. [__] Please Check.

I understand I will not be enrolled in SFIU until both the Contract {this document} and Donation items are receipted at Home Savings Bank, as indicated above.

I am of sound mind, and fully capable of understanding the requirements as a student with SFIU.

Your Signature here agrees to these terms as indicated on this contract.

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