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Are you ready to enroll? You've come to the right place.

Welcome to the Searcher Foundation Internet University. We are happy you have joined us, and look forward to knowing you; not merely as a Student, but as a person with unique, yet common relations with your peers.

We stress your common points, rather than your differences. We know our universality is a spiritual and physical concept which joins us together; spiritually, socially, culturally; and economically. Stressing our differences drives us apart, rather than together. Our culture seems to stress our individuality as the basis of happiness, when we know the opposite is true. A common identification we may all relate to begins our search to true happiness.

Our emphasis at SFIU follows these understandings:

1. We are all children of God.

2. Our relationship is not superior to inferior, but as equal Brothers and Sisters who help each other with all our abilities, but only when asked. "Ask and you shall receive", said our Master Teacher. He is Jesus, the Christ; and His teachings on how we treat each other are followed rigourously here. If you do not ask, it is automatically understood you need no assistance. When you enroll, you are asking for our assistance in extending your education to SFIU.

3. All persons on Staff simply have experience and knowledge to share with you for your benefit. You also have unique information we on Staff may not have. We do not require personal information from you beyond that required by 'Officialdom'. Your privacy is strictly adhered to. But, knowledge is another matter. "All things will be made known." We affirm this as a vital spiritual truth which directly applies here.

4. Many of the things we teach here have been hidden, for various reasons. Our objective and positive goal is to search for and examine all information previously hidden and widely known, with the following restrictions:

All information given is for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment for all, and for no other purpose. For instance: We know everything begins in spirit; and manifests in physical matter. In Genesis, God Said: "I AM". We are products of His love. He made the earth and all realms throughout the Universe.

5. Our ultimate goal is to assist you to form the relationship with God which He has for you. We call it "The Divine Relationship". It is based on spiritual, not physical love. Can you demonstrate this concept? We will train you to meet that goal.

Whether you accept this inheritance and Divine Right is your choice. We will neither force nor manipulate you into your decision.

It is yours alone, between yourself and God.

6. We accept your religious convictions, but teach none. We learn various "belief systems" as information only. You will not be asked to change your "Religious Beliefs". You will be asked to change your mind; to reconsider decisions you have made which we know will benefit you.

For instance, we know "Religious Belief Systems" to be creations of Men. More persons have been destroyed through "Religious Belief Systems" than any other cause in the history of mankind. The teachings of Jesus are certainly not behind this destruction. He did not teach violence, nor do we. "By their fruit, you shall know them." is His instruction to us. You may agree or disagree.

Our objective is to set aside "Religious Belief Systems" for the Divine Truth of the Holy Spirit of God. We know this to be the only genuine source of 'truth'.

If your goal is to devote your life to a specific 'Religion' or 'belief system', we will sadly make recommendations for other Institutions than ours.

However, please pray about your decision. If you throw away this opportunity, you may miss a gift for you in its hands. As Jesus said: "This time may never come again." From my view and His, you are always welcome. Alternate pathways may look greener, yet turn to dust.

7. The decision of whether you use our recommendations is entirely yours. You will never be graded on your choice of faith. You will be graded on what you have learned, where you gained the information, how you used the information, and how you express your conclusions.

Your ability to communicate what you have learned is of paramount importance to us and to you, as a prospective teacher.

Finally, do you have and can you demonstrate positive teaching techniques which work? Study Jesus as the Master Teacher, and His techniques. They remain as true and perfect today, as at the beginning of our civilization. If you cannot, you need to look for another vocation.

8. All lessons are based on the spiritual lessons Jesus gave his Disciples with the spiritual, historical, cultural, and physical relationships to those lessons. It is of paramount importance you are able to demonstrate what you have learned.

In short, how may you apply these lessons to living in today's ever-changing physical environment - worldwide?

You will be trained as Jesus trained His Disciples, and for the same reasons. Our ways of communicating with one another are so much different than Jesus' time. You will need to become well acquainted with all civilizations - worldwide.

In the end, The Christ, Father-God and the Holy Spirit will be your final teachers.

We know Your acceptance of this truth: "We are One", as the ultimate key to happiness and the Divine Relationship.

The only personal information we require is the names you officially use on a contract; with an email address we may use to communicate with you. Optionally, you may elect to provide your physical and/or Postal Mail addresses, for mail we cannot transfer to you electronically. You must be of legal age to sign a contract; or have a legal guardian or parent sign for you. You must state you are in sound mind when signing the contract.

We would appreciate specific information on your previous educational accomplishments, that we may design study applications for you. If you do not provide accurate information, your dissertations will so indicate your strengths and weaknesses. We will make every effort to help you use both of these facets of your educational accomplishments; to your benefit.

We need to know from you in writing any suggestions for improvements we need to make. Those may be in Internet format, if you verify your identity through your Internet address. We further need verification in writing of how effective we were in our and your stated goals for your education. Your goals also need to be in writing with verification. This is information which is required by the government. All information will be held in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your help.

We pray you will accept us in the loving way of the Christ, as we accept you. Interaction with other Brothers and Sisters of like understandings is a real joy to us all.

In the Name of the Christ, we welcome you to His Home. You are free to enter and depart as your needs require; even if you decide to not enroll; or choose another source for your education. If you have decided to join us in extended fellowship as your University of Choice; we know no bounds to our joy from your enrollment.

One of the oldest greetings is the all-inclusive term: 'Namaste'. It is a universal greeting of acceptance and love.

Namaste, fellow Child of God.

You are Home. You are Welcome. You are Loved from the Christ.

Your Brother in Christ.


Rev. James L. Fabert

Founder, SFIU

Doctor of Divinity

Please use this Contract and page copy as your guide in composing your message to us for your enrollment. You may attach it to your email, as a separate file, if you prefer. Please Mark the subject line: "Enrollment Dissertation". We require a small dissertation on why you wish to become a Student with us. We are very selective in the Students we accept, so this dissertation is very important to your enrollment. It will be good practice for you, as all classes are by dissertation.

You might feel more comfortable paying fees monthly, with your course donation either in advance or as you graduate. Your may also break the total payment down monthly, as equal payments until the total is paid. I don't believe any other Institute of higher learning will match this offer. You must so stipulate your method on this form.

You may print this form out and include it with your Donation. You will not be enrolled until receipt is made of both items. You may transfer the amount and this form by Postal Service, Courier, wire and/or electronic transfer to:

Rev. Susie Rock,

Date of Transmission: __ /__ /__.
Please fill this in as you forward it to us. Thank you.

Date of receipt on arrival at SFIU: __ /__ /__.
We will accomplish this upon receipt.

1. Your full Name for contract purposes.

2. Your E-Mail Address.

3. Your Mailing Address.

4. Your Chosen School of Study. Please check which applies.
Minister Teacher {__}.
Business Administration. {__}.

List your courses chosen after discussion with your Counselor via E-mail or telephone.

A. List the Total amount of Donation for Fees.

B. List the Total amount of Donation for Courses.

C. We require a deposit or tithe of 10% of the total
of A and B. Thank You. May God Bless you.

{If under age 21, your parents and/or Guardian must fill in this information.}

I hereby agree to pay my fees Donation monthly, with my course Donation:

A. Paid in Advance. [__] Please Check.

B. Paid Pro Rata {In equal payments monthly until paid.} [__] Please Check.

C. Paid upon Graduation. [__] Please Check.

I understand I will not be enrolled in SFIU until both the Contract {this document} and Donation items are receipted at Home Savings Bank, as indicated above.

I am of sound mind, and fully capable of understanding the requirements as a student with SFIU.

Your Signature here agrees to these terms as indicated on this contract.

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